reminded myself of this december 2019 biden quote and thinking about people who genuinely believe this is the guy who's gonna take it to the republicans
"you gotta compromise, that's how politics works"

obama compromised, constantly

couldn't fill a SC seat because of it, didn't get a single republican vote on the ACA after using a 90s republican template and giving them endless amendments, and more
and now you wanna run the same strategy with a candidate who is much further to the right, with an even worse record, far less charismatic, far stupider, and even more deeply in his bones believing in the good faith and good will of republicans
Biden 2020: Not A Return To Normalcy, But "What If The Obama Years Were Even Worse"
"awww that's all the republicans will let us do tho" has been the answer for literally not only my entire life but also before it. at some point you have to choose to fight instead of offering olive branches that are thrown in your face
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