This resilience thing is really interesting - pre CV19 it was supposedly the solution to all kinds of everyday and ongoing colonial violence Blackfullas experience
But turns out a whole lotta ppl in this country aren’t that resilient afterall. #coronavirusaustralia
The posts about the *struggles* of working from home with one’s own children are as telling as that Imagine cover.
Everyday we get to witness the new *creative* works of this newly oppressed bunch bemoaning how hard this thing is.
With little engagement with the experience and expertise of those whose power is rountinely stripped from them by the state.
Im waiting 4 campaigns 2 abandon welfare quarantining, 2 keep increased rate of Newstart, 2 release ppl imprisoned in actual gaols (not hipster hotels) from this bored middle class who appear 2 have all this time on their hands to share baking tips & video diaries no one asked 4
But of course, the crisis of #COVID19Aus has reminded us how comfortable ppl with power are with having it. Blackfullas can tell you - this new normal isn’t going to create a new world.
As the oldest living culture on the planet we can also testify to how useless resilience discourse is particularly as defined by those who have never had to be.
Blackfullas havent had privilege of enacting a kind of *resilience* req’d temporarily to get thru a crisis.
There’s nothing temporary abt the crisis of colonisation. As such it has been our resistance not resilience everyday & everywhere that has been fundamental to our survival
But yeah, can one of these resilience experts explain why that toilet paper still selling out?
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