We will not be able to begin the move-out process the week of Apr, 13 as previously indicated as a tentative week that this process would begin. [1/11]
Since the last update, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox issued an executive order extending the public safety curfew for residents to 24 hrs a day. The order went into effect on Sun., Mar. 29, at 10 p.m. through midnight on Sat., Apr. 11, at which point it will be reevaluated. [2/11]
Under the extended curfew, residents are to remain in their home/place of residence at all times, leaving only for essential purposes. [3/11]
In addition to the curfew, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey issued an Order of the State Health Officer suspending certain public gatherings due to risk of infection by COVID-19. [4/11]
Under this Order, all “non-essential” businesses, venues, & activities should be closed or not take place through 5 p.m. on Apr. 17. Prior to 5 p.m. on Apr. 17, a determination shall be made whether to extend this Order—or, if circumstances permit, to relax this Order. [5/11]
In accordance, UA continues under limited business operations. Once the Order has been lifted & it is safe for students to return to campus, an update will be sent via email to all housing residents, detailing the expected move-out timeline to be available for a few weeks. [6/11]
Once a clear date is established, we will create a staggered schedule that limits the number of people in any building, floor &/or wing at a time, & decrease traffic & congestion around the residence halls. [7/11]
When we are able to proceed with the move-out process, we ask you bring no more than two helpers with you when you come. [8/11]
Additionally, we will design the online move-out registration to minimize the possibility that roommate(s)/suitemates arrive at the same time as an added measure to help promote social distancing. [9/11]
Any new guidelines or restrictions from the federal or state government could potentially affect the timeline for this process. We are committed to provide the best possible info in as timely a manner as possible. [10/11]
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