THREAD: #TheStormIsUponUs (as of 4/1/20) [continued]
26. The US Military will be treating trauma patients, not those with COVID-19. What kind of patients would need treatment for trauma?
27. Now, earlier on 4/1, @dr_motley shared some audio on Soundcloud that he received of two people discussing the rescue of trafficked children. These two claim the kids are being treated in the tents in Central Park.
28. Additionally, this was posted by @bzbnialei88
29. These sources unfortunately cannot be verified at the moment, and I pray that they were not a terrible April Fool’s joke… Nonetheless, they do fit the narrative that appears to be floating in front of us.
30. Also, @LieslSchoonraad pointed out that a TPN bag was attached to the bed of a patient that was transferred to the USNS Mercy currently stationed in LA. TPN bags can be used for those suffering from starvation.
31. Logic suggests that the US Military is going to be treating thousands of victims of human trafficking across the nation in order to not exceed the capacity of our medical system.
32. Additionally, there’s also all of the Hollywood celebrities who have been acting weird on Twitter, but that probably could use a thread of its own.
33. One last thing I want to add. It appears that Q and Q+ knew that this was going to happen.
34. Consider Post 3896. Q suggests COVID-19 is a bioweapon that Dr. Charles Lieber of Harvard had some involvement or knowledge in.
35. It appears Soros knew the world would be stuck in their homes and travel shut down: he sold millions of shares in casino resorts and invested into Peloton. Check out this thread by @TheSharpEdge1
36. But just as much as the Deep State knew, it appears Q knew too and even told us back in December 2017. See Q post 395 and this thread from @HYVEE7
38. Now, I won’t go any further except to say that Q post 3585 concerning Project Looking Glass could be one explanation for how we knew and how a plan appears to have been built around this pandemic.
39. Nevertheless, all I’m going to do is share the primary evidence as I find it. It’s up to you to come to your own conclusion! #WWG1WGA [End of Thread]
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