I asked Anne Regan at @dreamspinners if royalty money from the escrow account was used for other business purposes. This is what I got back: 1/4
"We have paid authors over $13.3 million dollars in royalties over the last decade. All of that income has been properly accounted for and paid out. We hit a crisis in 2019 that we are doing the best to correct." 2/4
Which I'm choosing to read as the punchline to that very old joke: "But you fuck ONE goat!" You fucked the goat, DSP. Money from the escrow account wasn't used to pay authors, and suddenly there was no money anymore! Gosh, what a mystery! 3/4
And you'll notice that she didn't actually answer the question. They never do. Probably for legal purposes at this point. Then again, if they were so scared of lawyers maybe they shouldn't have stolen in the first place? #payyourauthors #dsp #onegoat #dreamspinners 4/4
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