Last year Wuhan was the first city to roll out 5G, followed by #Spain & #Italy. According to the head of the largest business unit of Vodafone UK from 2013-2015, #Covid19 isn't the problem.

Here's a 30 min video deleted by Youtube of him explaining it:

2. He says that his message is difficult to accept but categorically, factually and scientifically #CoronaVirus is not the problem.

In fact, he says, it's questionable whether it's even a #Contagion in the context of if it is a disease that is spreading from person to person.
3. "What we are seeing are #symptoms of a #virus. What we are not aware of is WHAT IS CAUSING those symptoms so this has nothing to do with a biological warfare or any other of the other stuff that you might hear around in the internet."
4. "What this is, is our bodies reacting to what is known as RADIO SPECTRUM RADIATION or Radio Frequency Radiation."

It sounds bizarre, but scientifically and contextually here is the explanation that he provides of why its now happening and importantly what we can do about it:
5. "So what is occurring globally, I was the head of the largest business unit at Vodafone in New Berry, England from 2013-2015. I was privy to a number of technologies that were coming down the pipe...that were going to be implemented namely the #InternetOfThings & #5G."
6. "I knew a long time ago that #5G was dangerous but I didn't understand the correlation with the #coronavirus which I now do and I want you to too. So now what is happening is that there is a deliberate strategy to roll out 5G."
"7. #5G is the 5th generation internet radio spectrum frequencies that enable #mobilephones, #smartphones & all devices to function on a much faster processing ability & with the introduction of #ArtificialIntelligence & the #InternetOfThings all devices will be connected."
8. Examples of connected devices via #5G are your car, your phone, your refrigerator and the electricity in your house. He says that: "its all going to be connected via a smart grid or type of "matrix." and this technology has to be rolled out globally...."
9. "Vodafone are in partnership with Huawei, a chinese telecoms company...They have been rolling out systematic #5G implementations in multiple locations. Whats the relevance? The frequency that they are a very high one... just below the classification of a #weapon.
10." #5G is 10 times faster than 4G. Unfortunately when it comes in contact with human bodies, it causes CELL POISONING. Our bodies try to fight this radiation in the form of cell poisoning because of this frequency. It's effectively radiation & what happens is that our bodies..."
11. "...kick out the toxins with some proteins and some DNA/RNA from our cells in the form of a chemical which is called a virus. Most diseases are excretions from cells that we are trying to pull out of our body or push out. It will head towards orifices to be excreted out."
12. "So what is happening is that #5G is reacting adversely with human cells causing cells in our bodies to be poisoned and our natural defense mechanism is pushing out that toxicity in the form of a what you are seeing is not " #CoronaVirus" but rather cell poisoning."
13."Its manifesting with fluids, chemicals, viruses that the body is trying to dispose of because its harmful to its physical body. All that's occurring in the world is a reaction of human bodies to the electrification of the universe through #5G satellite, 5G towers, 5G cells."
14. "...that are being populated in major cities around the world. So firstly, this is what is causing this #pandemic. Secondly, this is the largest global cover up in history for the impact on human beings based on technological advancements."
15. "So what is happening is not the #CoronaVirus but its is a virus that is being produced by cell poisoning & therefore the virus that we have is really a measure or indication of ourselves k*lling toxins. This is whats ki*ling people. Here are facts that make this compelling:"
16. "One of the first cities that Vodafone, Huawei and some other technology firms rolled out the ubiquitous blanket #5G was in Wuhan, China....where this #CoronaVirus was supposedly meant to start in some fish market. That is complete nonsense."
17. "It started as a result of radio frequencies at a high level creating radiation that was toxic to cells and that's why people were falling over dying in the streets, etc. So they try to cover it up and because it has a flu type characteristics, they are using #CoronaVirus."
18. "They are using #CoronaVirus to try and hide the fact that people are dying from 5G frequency. There are other major cities that rolled this out (it takes 6 months for this to impact your physical body). So last year, Wuhan was the first, followed by Spain, then Italy,......"
19."So you're seeing an uncommon level of fatalities because of the level of 5G penetration in these countries. #Italy has had more fatalities then any other country because its densely populated with #5G & the older generation doesn't have the immune system to fight against it."
20. "So #Italy has rolled out #5G. #Spain has rolled it out. Most major cities have rolled it out around the world. #London, one of the biggest #CCTV centers, are in the process of rolling out more of it. So what's the relevance? The #CaronaVirus is not whats killing people."
21. "Its clearly, categorically, unequivocally & scientifically proven that the radio frequencies that we are being exposed to is what is k*lling the people. Why are they allowing it? Because of multiple agendas but primarily because #5G is the only network with the speed to..."
22. "....handle the future & where we are going rapidly is a world run by #AI, the #InternetOfThings where everything is interconnected. There's a new global currency that's coming addition to that, there will be driver-less cars, a number of different things that....."
23. "....basically need to run on #5G. So they can not reverse the implementation of this technology & they are happy for the sacrifice to be millions of lives around the world. Just to prove the point further, the cruise ships, were installed with 5G."
24. "So the people that were quarantined on the cruise ships, they were cruise ships that had #5G and that's why the people were getting sick. Hospitals have 5G. Major cities have 5G. Airports have 5G. So these are places where people will get automatically sick if they are...."
25. " to the inordinate levels of radiation through radio spectrum poisoning."

For more, listen to 👉 
It continues at minute 10:17.

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