Many say they have been told specifically they would be FIRED for speaking to the media about concerns they have about a lack of PPE's or tests or ICU beds. Why would hospitals fire medical personnel at this time for trying to improve their safety and the safety of the public?
If you have any letters, memos, emails or texts showing a hospital threatening your job if you tell the public about the crisis going on in hospitals send an email to [email protected] or DM me, @jeremyjojola or @9WantsToKnow
You and your co-workers have a right to be safe | The public has a right to transparency | How will these issues be resolved if everyone pretends there's nothing to see here? How can we hold those in a position to do something accountable if we can't show what is really going on?
We want to hear from you about your working conditions and how it is impacting your ability to properly care for the sick.
Is everything awesome? Send in the survey at the top of this thread. #COVID19Colorado #HealthcareHeroes #HealthCareWorkers
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