Shout out to @reprezentus for an excellent presentation on why #VoteByMail is needed now than ever and its importance in ensuring ALL, regardless of party affiliation have the opportunity not to be disenfranchised from their right to vote.

I am tired of having to #FightToVote.
I need your help, as I and others in this state are finding a bit of resistance . In particular? I could use the help of @MichaelSteele and GOP election officials who embrace this method to help make the argument along with dispelling myths about suppression held by Democrats.
We need your help desperately. If we are #InThisTogether? I am not feeling or seeing this around this issue in a state that is, well, a hot mess electorally.

I hope you reach out. I am at your service. Use me all you wish.

And again, thanks!
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