James White said that he never really watched Super Bowl LI until recently, when a replay aired as he was stuck in his home. https://cbsloc.al/3aCBwpR 

That's crazy. He was historic that night. Let's revisit some of his best plays.

First up, third-and-1, let's go and get 11. Easy.
Next up, a simple 7-yard connection turns into 28 yards. Putting a linebacker on James, even an athletic one like Deion Jones, is a bad idea. Looked like a fish out of water after the catch was made.
This play didn't count, negated by a Martellus Bennett hold. The trail of red bodies behind him would become a recurring theme though.
Trailing 28-3, the Patriots wanted to maybe score a touchdown! I dunno. Just my politics. A 12-yard gain on an early second-8 helped that cause. Safety Keanu Neal letting that tackle slip through his hands.
No doubt inspired by a 15-yard run by none other than Tom Brady, White made the most of his next opportunity with the football, this time spinning away from cornerback Jalen Collins to finally give the Patriots a touchdown.
An underrated, likely overlooked play here. Second-and-3, early fourth quarter. White saw Deion Jones commit up the middle and was cool enough to casually bounce it outside for a gain of six. Chains move.
The score was 28-9 with 12:45 left in the game. Do any Falcons look like they believe the Patriots have any chance whatsoever? Questionable. James White was still playing to win though.
Everyone remembers this one, the first of two absolutely necessary two-point conversions from the Patriots in the fourth quarter. Kevin Faulk no doubt enjoyed seeing this one return to the Super Bowl.

Nothing flashy after catching the snap. Head down. Plow. Points.
OK. Game is serious now. Time for the Falcons to key in on White, right? He's killing them. They have to.


Two straight plays. First goes for 13. Next for 7. Not covered on either play.

Taking candy from a baby.
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