"When the next #pandemic occurs (and make no mistake it will), and the federal government is unable to respond in a coordinated and effective fashion to protect the lives of US citizens and others ... this decision by John Bolton & Donald Trump will be why."

- May 10, 2018
Early 2017 - Trump warned about #pandemic & given playbook.

Early 2018 - Trump (and Bolton) throw away playbook and fire global staff prepared for pandemic.

Early 2020 - CDC & Intelligence warn about #CoronaVirus

Trump follows with Hate Rallies to call it a "hoax."
Once March arrived and the bodies began to pile up, Trump dropped the hoax lies. It took so long for #FoxNews to catch up on the head-snapping change of course, some still say it's a Democrat hoax.

Trump spent March 2020 with lies, misdirection and mind bending incompetence!
Trump's team was briefed on the NSC’s 69-page pandemic playbook in early 2017, providing them a step by step list of priorities ... which were then ignored by the administration.
Trump kills our capacity to prepare, defend or track a #pandemic ... then uses Russia & #FoxNews to convince 40% of our population that the virus is a hoax. Then sabotages ability to test or mfg #PPE ! At least the blood of a quarter million on his hands!

Trump is all in now. He's doubled down ... he's tripled down. He's opening schools in the face of a #PandemicForestFire ! He's going to excel in DEATH like nobody before. Trump will #ExterminateTheElderly !

In 2018, Trump deliberately destroyed American infrastructure designed to defend us against an EXPECTED pandemic!

At the same time we got his almost weekly #InfrastructureWeek lies and continuing meaningless bullshit.

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