Baby of Spain, you're so tiny
Since you got born you're all mine-ey
All of the moms wait in line-ey
To wipe your nose and your hiney
BABY OF SPAIN, you're an infant
I'd never try to make you different
Your blanket's patterned with elephants
If you don't cry, magnificent
(I dread where this rhyme may lead us)
Instagram fans want to meet us
You just watch Milo & Otis
GRAVY OF SPAIN, you're too spicy
Wish you were mild and all nice-y
Have to drink milk with some ice-y
Am I a man or a mice-y?
BRADY OF SPAIN, too many kids
Too many pots, too many lids
Your house is full and so crowded
Go out with Alice and smoke mids
HAITI OF SPAIN, how does that work?
Not really sure, drives me berserk
Wipe off your mocking sneer/smirk
I'm trying, you're just a jerk
this is basically just for @TheGonzalez and nobody else
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