QAnon: Welcome to the Great Awakening

Q “Uniting people all over the world who desire Freedom.”

Freedom from what?
Esau sold his Birthright to an Inheritance from God to his brother Jacob; for that he was renamed Edom (Adam) created from the Earth, the name means Red; seeing Lavender yet?
In Gen 27:39-41 KJV Esau receives the blessing he will serve his brother until the Yoke is removed & he obtains “Dominion” at which time he intends to slay his brother; that’s everyone in Covenant with JESUS, folks! 
Trump Impeachment Trial began Jan 20; a stage show with a pre-determined outcome.
Chinese Year of the Metal Rat began Jan 25, 2020, called the Year of New Beginnings & Renewal.
Jan is the 11th month Shevat originates in Akkadian meaning “Lashing”; Tu b’ Shevat on 15 Shevat is the “Festival of Trees” which many Rabbis believe should be celebrated on the 1 Shevat.
The Sign of Shevat which begins Jan 26, 2020 is Aquarius “Water Pourer” & symbol of the Golden Age of Saturn, a mythical age before Noah’s Flood.
Rat means Red, Traitor, Informant, One who abandons his associates like Cain abandoned Abel. Esau abandoned God & was renamed Edom=Red;
Rothschild “Red Shield” may ring a Baal; International Bankers who changed their name from Bauer (Farmer) to Rothschild & adopted the Six Pointed Chaldean Star of Molech for their Counting House at 666 Am Main in Frankfurt.
2020 is Chinese-Russian Year of Scientific, Technical & Innovative Cooperation in areas of 5G Global Broadband, the Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence. Russia is also Red, named after the Kievan Rus or Red Rus. Welcome to the Great Awakening!
Coronavirus was announced Jan 1, 2020; Wuhan is the world’s first 5G Test City, called China’s Thoroughfare; the Diamond Princess is the first 5G Cruise Ship & both became the origination of Coronavirus “Crowned Serpent Venom”.
T-Mobile 5G Commercials are prepping the world to “Look Up”; the Lavender 5G Highway is here “The Wait is over, something BIG is happening”.
That something is Coronavirus, a 5G generated Hoax designed to create the conditions for the Xenobots (programmable, controllable via 5G Frog DNA) Vaccine delivered “Mark of the Beast” in the RFID Chip NTAG 216.
The same theme in Netflix Series Messiah “History of over”, "the time for praying & scripture is over, the saved will follow me."
Like the T-Party (Tea) which was founded by Sovereign Luciferian Freemasons & based itself at Union Square Park where the US Flag is supported by the Fasces; T represents “Tammuz” the son of Saturn whose name means “Purify by Fire”.
QAnon uses the theme “Freedom”, seen in Mel Gibson’s movie Braveheart Freedom & Liberty from God & Fraternity among followers desiring Freedom started Revolutions in the US, France, Scotland, & England to name a few.
The Awakening is a giant statue representing “False Prophet” aka “Beast rising from the Earth” (Rev 13:11-18) seen struggling to release himself from the Earth located in Washington National Harbor.
Q is the gadget maker for James “007” Bond.
007 is the Fine Structure Constant 1/137, the odds an electron will absorb a photon; Einstein said “Until we understand #137 we will understand nothing, & we know nothing about 137”.
Q is the 17th English letter & 8th Prime Number representing the 17th of Lyar (Rabbis change this to the 8th month Marcheshvan/Bul) which began the Flood & 17 Tishrei, the day the Ark rested.
.007 is the Fine Structure Constant 1/137; Prima Materia or Black Matter in theory has an Atomic Number of 137; the odds an electron will absorb a photon is 1/137 or .007, thus Atomic Number 137 represents perfect Black, a material that absorbs all light.
17 represents the Admirable Sacrament.

“Where We Go One We Go All”

Be careful folks! Something big is happening alright, starting with the Age of Aquarius 2020 from the looks of it.
Qualcomm is a key player in the IOT (Internet Of Things); Motorola’s Freescale Semiconductor was born during NASA’s Mercury-Gemini-Apollo program.
Freescale spun off from Motorola in 2004 & merged with Dutch Telecom Giant NXP “Next Experience”; Qualcomm & Chinese Telecom ZTE will likely merge with NXP to control the 5G Global Broadband & IOT using Freescale’s Patented KL-03 RF Microchip Controller tested in flight MH370.
Q is Quelle “Source” in German. The “Source” is Saturn, the Primeval Sun, Best Sun, Black Star, Black Sun aka Chaos, out of which Gnostics believe the first Creation was made.
The recreation in Gnostic tradition was created by an evil Demiurge; Flesh being a prison for the Soul that must be destroyed; hence the phrase “Order out of Chaos” is inherent as part of 33rd degree Sovereign Freemasonry.
Ashkenazi “Jews” are not Semitic (Shem), they are Germanic Cryptos descending from “Japheth the Elder” Gen 10:21 KJV; they only pretend to be Jewish.
Gnostic groups pretending to be Christian include Essenes (Crypto Jews), Johnitters (Donald Trump is a Knight of St. John), Manichaeans, Yezidis (Kurds), Paulicians, Bogomils, Albigens, Cathars etc.
11Q13 “Prince Melchisedek Scroll” written by the Essenes (Essen=Pious Ones) are the forerunners of todays Chasidic & Chabad-Lubavitch Crypto Jews;
time is short because the 10th Jubilee referred to in the Dead Sea Scroll calls for the return of Melchisedek after the 2017-18 10th Jubilee as measured by Rabbis Maimonides & Judah ben Samuel in 1217.
The Ouroboros Serpent is a Snake (Rev 12:9 Serpent, Devil, Satan) eating its own tail; Jesus is Alpha & Omega (Beginning & End) for Born Again Christians; for Gnostics such as the Theosophical Society, Saturn the Primordial Sun is the Beginning & End. Don’t fall for that lie!
Q is no more Anonymous than Anonymous, the "hacker" group posting as Guy Fawkes, the Jesuit Scapegoat for the Gunpowder plot of Nov 5, 1605, an attempt to block completion of the Authorized Bible (KJV) as 7th purified word of God promised in Psa 12:6.
“Christmas” Annular Solar Eclipse “Halo” or Q formed around the Sun on Boxing Day aka St. Stephen's Day Boxes/Cubes represent Saturn, aka Baal Berith “Lord of the Fir Tree Covenant”; Christmas Trees & Hanukkah Bushes serve the same purpose;
the Boxes seen as Phylacteries worn over the Pineal Gland by Saturnian/Sabian/Chaldean/Chabad Lubavitch, Crypto fake Jews.
Christmas (25 Dec) & Hanukkah (25 Kislev) are Saturnalia celebrations; Saturn seen in the Six Pointed Star of Saturn aka Black Star aka Chaldean STUR (Gematrically 666) & Saturn, the Supreme God of the Chaldeans.
David Bowie’s Black Star features the Dec 26, 2019 Annular Eclipse “Halo” as does the promo trailer for the AT&T pseudo-documentary “The Sign”.
Hanukkah “Feast of Dedication” 2019: Dec 22-28, 2019: Daniel’s 70th Week? Dan 9:23-27 describes 70 Weeks to bring an end to sin & anoint the Most Holy; Hanukkah 2019 may falsely fulfill this.
Chaldean Crypto fake Jews await Geula (Redemption) with the return of HaShem aka Melchisedek (Melek + Tzaddiq) or Tzaddiq (Righteous); not Jesus, but the Rising Sun.
An Annular Solar Eclipse formed a Halo (Annulus) around the Moon “Midweek” on Dec 25-26, 2019 beginning in the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at Sunrise & whose mid-point is centered on the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Sulu & Sabah.
Sabian/Chaldean Priests went by the title Rba, today’s Crypto fake Jewish Rabbis are Sabians have infected every religion on Earth, awaiting Geula (Redemption) of HaShem whom they teach is Melchisedek (King of Salem).
Rabbis teach Melchisedek (Gen 14:18) was Shem; this is a Lie; Jesus is Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem, Priest of the Most High) in both Old & New Covenants (Hebrew 7).
Hashemites originated with the Alternative Korahite Priests of Mecca “Quraysh” that Jehovah buried in the sand (Num 16; 26:10); the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Jordan means (Going down the Dan); Jordans were for Sabians “Living Water” necessary for Baptism; Jesus provides a Baptism of the Holy Ghost, the only Baptism necessary for Salvation.
Transjordan is since 1917 the land of Edom, Moab & Ammon (Dan 11:41) the 3 peoples who escape the hand of Antichrist during the Great Tribulation (Dan 11:38), the “Little Horn” who enters the Golden Gate (East Gate) peaceably (Dan 11:24).
The Jordanian Waqf was given a perpetual donation to control the Temple Mount for this reason.
Hanukkah “Feast of Dedication” is very big deal to Chaldeans; Saturn is their Supreme God, seen in the Six Pointed Star of Saturn, they are the Cult of Saturn aka Melchisedekians.
What or Who is Q? You can believe that it's battle hardened DIA Agent @AustinSteinbart (Commander of Space Force - not Trump's), but I wouldn't bet your eternal life on it (which is what you're doing).
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