We need Jason Kenney and the UCP government to release details about the #KeystoneXL deal that committed up to $7.5 billion in public dollars to the project. #AbLeg #abenergy
Our caucus supports the oil and gas industry, and we support #KeystoneXL.

We understand its strategic value to Alberta’s oil and gas industry. When we were in Government, we supported it by committing to ship 50,000 barrels per day. #AbLeg #abenergy
On Tuesday, Mr. Kenney announced his government was providing $1.5 billion in equity investment and a $6 billion loan guarantee to back #KeystoneXL. The UCP put forward a motion in the legislature requesting support for the deal, but hasn't shared any details. #AbLeg #abenergy
This commitment of up to $7.5 billion of Albertans’ money is unprecedented and people deserve to know the details of the deal and the genuine risks associated with this project.

#AbLeg #abenergy
Under the deal, the UCP state they will sell their shares in the project back to TC Energy one year after the pipeline becomes operational.

On Tuesday, Mr. Kenney was asked what the price would be, but he was unable to provide a figure. #AbLeg #abenergy
So we're proposing amendments asking first that the government to provide full disclosure of the deal to the public and that all members of the Legislature be briefed on the associated costs, benefits, and risks.

#AbLeg #abenergy
A second amendment will propose to refer the deal to the Public Accounts Committee for further analysis and consultation with the Auditor General to ensure Albertans are getting good value for money. #AbLeg #abenergy
Finally, given that Albertans are now financing a major portion of #KeystoneXL, we're asking that TC Energy and the UCP government provide further oversight of how public dollars are spent. #AbLeg #abenergy
This includes ensuring workers have a seat on the company’s board of directors, guarantees that payroll is maintained, collective agreements remain in place, and all construction labour is procured through unionized building trades. #AbLeg #abenergy
We have a duty to ensure Albertans’ money is being spent wisely & in a way that provides the maximum benefit.

We'll keep pressing the UCP for a plan to diversify the economy, since they've offered nothing substantial to overcome Alberta's fiscal challenges. #AbLeg #abenergy
Without full clarity on the details, the value for money and risks for Albertans, our Caucus can’t endorse the details of the deal.

END #AbLeg #abenergy
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