Yes the West needs to respect China for its struggle from 1839-1945. The West started to bash China after the world started to see China as a better alternative partner then the west. This article is such a rack of sh*t
The 2nd one I don’t really agree with. American values such as “democracy” and “free speech” aren’t always perfect in the US. Lobbying and Super PACs are some of the issues. China doesn’t want to be influenced by America and wants its own system. China’s system is a meritocracy.
That’s the end of this thread. I hope you enjoy me debunking the Western MSM and I’ll create more threads like this in the future.

_from Shivam :8
China doesn’t want to be the Soviet Union where it collapsed because of quick economic and political reforms. They do it incrementally and they are still doing reforms to this day. China wants a fair and effective system that’ll serve the country and its international presence!
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