They need to keep going.

They need to CONTINUE to show the voters as CLEARLY AS POSSIBLE what Democrat Party priorities are & what they'll do with control of the House if they retain that control following this next election.
There's 7 months to the next election, people!


By their constant, unrelenting, frantic, increasingly desperate behavior like this.
Nice to see the present Democratic leadership **still** can't plan for the person they are actually dealing with.

This won't go like the 9/11 Commission, where Bush/GOP appointees on that panel **let** the Clinton flacks cover up for the Clinton administration.
Ashcroft called out the Mistress of Disaster, Jamie Gorelick, the person the Clintons MADE SURE was appointed to the 9/11 panel so she couldn't be questioned about her direct role in ensuring the fed intel & law enforcement agencies couldn't share info on terrorist threats.
Anybody remember what happened next?

The Clintons and the Democrats had CONNIPTIONS and Ashcroft quickly disappeared, nothing was done, the GOP rolled over again and the 9/11 commission covered up for the Clintons.
The first real concern trolls I ever encountered I am convinced to this day were Democrat on-line operatives selling a conspiracy theory to deflect attention from the real culprits of 9/11: the Clinton administration.
To hide their dirty pay for play $ coming in from overseas the Clinton admin. made DAMN SURE the LEO agencies couldn't talk to or trace the $ with any help from the intel agencies.

It left the US wide open to terror attacks, but hey, you gotta have priorities, man.
There was an entire miniseries that was shot that only showed **some** of what the Clinton admin. did to leave the US wide open to Al Qaeda.

It aired exactly ONCE, and then was shelved forever.
Sandy Burglar er I mean Sandy Berger got caught *stealing documents* out of the National Archives and was caught redhanded in a sting.

He got a slap on the wrist and the documents he was stealing were so sensitive we STILL don't know what he was desperate to take.
The Bush admin. backed off and backed down every time Democrats attacked them.

Remember the waterboarding scandal, the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, how the Democrats pretended to be **horrified** at "discovering" this had been "hidden" from them by Bush/GOP?
Pelosi & other top Democrats attended the SAME INTELLIGENCE BRIEFINGS the GOP members of Congress did.

They **knew** all about the EIT program. They knew all about the waterboarding that went on with the 9/11 masterminds.

But it was politically USEFUL for them to lie about it.
And what did the GOP do? What did Bush do in the face of Pelosi & Co. relentlessly selling a narrative to the public & the media for months leading up to the 2006 election?

They just stood there and mildly shook their heads in a disapproving manner.
I remember one GOP member of Congress standing there watching Pelosi at a press conference, stridently lying her ass off & claiming she was NEVER briefed about waterboarding, never HEARD this was being done.

GOP guy shook his head, said "Oh come on Nancy. You were there."

The GOP always dropped it.

"OK they're lying, but let's not fight about it. It's not worth it. This is not the hill to die on. Let's all move on."

They weakly protest once, maybe twice, then they DROP IT.
This President is NOT George Bush.

He is NOT like any GOP guy they have ever dealt with before.

They want to get to the bottom of why this country was unprepared for the CCP Virus? They want to launch a 'independent commission'?

They should go right ahead then.
Because this won't go how the Democrats anticipate it if they do this.

Trump will FIGHT BACK the way he's been FIGHTING BACK ever since he assumed office.

They'd make this commission to blame Trump for this pandemic, not 'doing enough' early on. Which is a lie.
Everybody knows the truth already. We all know what happened.

Some people are just very invested in LYING about what happened that's all.

And what happened is that the CCP regime LIED to the world for 3 crucial months: November, December, and well into mid-January.
Top Democrats in this country were running around in January and into February in televised interviews, on social media, babbling that Trump was being "xenophobic" & "racist" with his China travel ban, there was real danger, go out, make merry, join the parade, mingle!
What they're going to claim through their anonymous leakers to the Washington Post & the NYT's, is that Trump had super duper secret intelligence info back in early January - maybe even December! - and so Trump knew before anybody else did that CHINA WAS LYING about this virus.
This isn't just a stale REPLAY of the Ukrainian impeachment stuff, it's a stale replay of the waterboarding scandal.

The D leadership in Congress is getting ready to claim THEY WEREN'T TOLD this supposed secret intel that Trump had.

Only Trump & GOP members were told.
Pelosi is once again going to relentlessly drive a narrative at the public with the help of the MSM that neither SHE nor any Democrats were ever told this **secret information** their whistleblowers are swearing Trump had early on and didn't act on.
Everything old is now new.

Nancy Pelosi in 2006:

"...and nobody told us this was happening! Only Bush and the GOP knew about the waterboarding! I was shocked....*SHOCKED* I TELL discover this had been going on without my knowledge!"
Nancy Pelosi in 2020:

"...and only Trump and the GOP was briefed about China was lying about this virus...they knew the truth about this virus, they were told in early January and they DID NOTHING beyond that travel ban! That's why we told people there was little danger!"
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