1) This firang comes across a green eyed musician in Amber, Rajasthan. Naturally, she has to take a picture because Muh green eye fascination.
2) This pic then does rounds over the internet and is co-opted by Pakis and Afghans to satiate their inferiority complexes viz a viz goras. They tag the picture as "light skinned, green-eyed Afghan/Pakistani" and circulate it all over the internet in websites like Quora.
3) NRI Sanjay who has an inferiority complex viz a viz race (to goras and Pakis/Afgans) and religion (Monotheistic inanities vs his own idol-worshiping ancestors) circulates it as a pic of an "Indigenous Pakistani". https://twitter.com/PraticOslo/status/1245608613420224513
4) Of course, the low IQ dunderhead doesn't even understand that there is no such thing as an "indigenous Pakistani". But his desire to cope is simply overwhelming.

All of this is simply cope. Goras, Turks, Afghans, Pakis, and Dindoos all coping with "We wuz Aryans".
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