Taehyung being soft and caring for Jimin: a thread
That one time when Jimin wanted to sew his pants cause it was too big, tae heard that and bought him a needle without Jimin even mentioning it
Taehyung helping Jimin to put the archery outfit
Jimin falling asleep with the face mask on so Taehyung going to him and removing the face mask and turned off the lights too
Taehyung enacting and telling Jimin all the answers without letting others know
when Jimin was sulking that one time cause no one was praising his work and Taehyung said "jimin's is also good"
Just Taehyung praising Jimin and his serendipity performance and later the small hug
Just Taehyung praising Jimin again
We love supportive soulmates
I mean-
Just Taehyung watching Jimin endearingly
Taehyung watching Jimin pt. 2
He just glitched because of Jimin
Taehyung folding jimin's shirt sleeves so the food doesn't touch it
Tae noticing that Jimin wasnt there so he called him to join the group hug :((
Taehyung being there for Jimin when he needed the most 💜
Encouraging jimin to do whatever he finds best
Tae's birthday letter to Jimin
Trying to cheer him up by his little dance 💕
Jimin's best photographer
Let's jimin cuddle
This hug 🥺🤧
95z is love
We love soulmates 💜
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