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Ten days ago I asked why no one was asking about
The Whitehouse report on Pandemic influenza from Sept152019
It contained chilling moments of revelation similar to this crisis. The same graphs, the same curves that everyone was talking about except The Whitehouse.
Why wasn't the Whitehouse talking about their report?
President Trump just signed a $2 trillion check 8 weeks into this crisis. Which in the report at the HIGH end could cost $3.79 trillion.
In perspective we're 70 weeks away from a vaccine. We've spent more than half the budget in 8 weeks.
All of this is based on annual reports from the GPMB
So the administration would have read one in 2017, 2018 as well as this one from 2019
With the aptly titled section.
Preparing for the Worst. A Rapidly Spreading Lethal Respiratory Pathogen Pandemic.
Does that sound similar?
Ten days ago there were only 285 deaths in the US.
This was written in September 2019.
Why didn't people read it?
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