King George III Letter upon loss of America (circa 1780s) 

It took 17 years for the founding fathers to gain independence from Great Britain.
In 1772 King George granted Sir Thomas Wentworth Blackett, 5th Baronet of Bretton Hall, West Yorkshire a parcel of 24,640 acres of land to be laid out as a plantation in the White Mountains, NH. The plantation's southeast corner of land is called "Bretton Woods" after the estate.
Bretton Woods was site of UNs Monetary & Financial Conf 1944 resulting in Bretton Woods system in 1945: World Bank & IMF, gold standard replaced w/ US$ as global currency (ended 1971).

Britain Woods = Bretton in Old English Brettas, the 'Britons' (estate)
Onsite is "Giant's Grave" burial mound with a native prophecy & curse, due to their territory invaded.

Indigenous giants! History reveals stories of giants. Including skeletal remains of giants with 2 sets of teeth. Structures:
The architect of Mt Washington Hotel where Bretton Woods Agreement was reached in 1944 was Charles Alling Gifford.

He also architect the Jekyll Island Club (1886-88), the infamous location of a 1910 'duck hunt' that started the Federal Reserve
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