Within two weeks time: ......
They took away your freedom of movement.
They took away your freedom of association.
They took away your free exercise of religion.
They told you to report your neighbors for non-compliance.
They took away your freedom to work.
They have violated the 1st, 9th and 10th Amendments.
They have implemented universal pay.
They have decided which businesses will succeed and which will fail.

Would you recognize socialism if you saw it?
Within two weeks time:
Not only did the majority go along with it, the majority of you didn't question it. The majority of you invited more.
It only took weeks.
If we can fall into this hole over a virus scare that is less lethal than H1N1, what would happen during a real emergency?
Now tell us again how this will never be a socialist country?
Now for number (6)

After you have thought about this for a bit.

>>>>Imagine if it were not Trump in office.
This a warning for the future, not to scare you today.
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