The Economic Cost #lockdownindia
HDFC research-India may lose 74% of the real GDP in H1 2020 & with a loss of over Rs 10.3trn or $143bn.
Acuité Ratings estimates a loss of $4.5 bln daily & $100 billion in 21 days. The overall GDP for FY21 is expected to be in the band of 2-3%
#lockdownindia Direct Impact- Transport, hotel, restaurant & real estate activities (account 22% in GVA) may suffer 50% losses in Q1 of FY21. Financial, professional services are also likely to see a deeper slowdown.
The economic cost of #lockdownindia

Direct Impact– non-grocery retail may witness losses of $0.5 billion due to closure of malls, stores and factory.

Job losses imminent –15 lakh modern retail stores employing 60 lakh people; several small players may have to shut shop
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