In honor of the Oil CEOs who are going to the White House to beg Trump for corporate bailouts, here's a running list of terrible things the fossil fuel industry has been doing during the #COVID19Pandemic

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Senate Republicans are proposing that oil and gas companies no longer have to make royalty payments (even though you still have to pay your rent).
Oil and gas companies are engaged in lots of financial fuckery to try and make themselves eligible for CARES Act stimulus money, such as hiring new advisors to ensure they can take maximum advantage.
The Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) bailed out Capital One Bank after they made a bunch of super risky commodities trades in the oil and gas sector.
The coronavirus doesn't harm the Sage Grouse (that we know of), but the Trump Administration sure does: on behalf of the oil and gas industry, they're appealing a federal ruling that canceled a $125 million lease sale on public lands.
The industry has unleashed an army of lobbyists to take advantage of stimulus funding in response to the coronavirus. @InfluenceMap has pulled together a report that lays it all out in gory detail.
The team at @greenpeaceusa has put together a dossier on the 7 Oily Henchman of the Climate Apocalypse who are visiting the White House tomorrow. You know they're going to be up to some terrible things.
Need some good news? There's an incredible movement of people and organizations who are fighting back against Big Oil. Check out some of the quotes in this press release bashing tomorrow's Oil CEO event at the White House.
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