For all the hysterical people screeching for @POTUS to "nationalize the supply chain":
Take a few moments to shut your pie hole and study the space programs of SpaceX and NASA.
SpaceX has developed a heavy rocket, launching equipment and supplies to the ISS, and testing the vehicle that will be used to take people to mars, all at a fraction of the price of NASA's program, which is STILL in the testing phase.
This is just one small example of private sector v. government bureaucracy, but it's the rule more than the exception. Now, let's look at WHY this is.
The HUGE difference, and the one we'll discuss first, is accountability.
SpaceX has limited funds. It also must answer to investors. This means it must be streamlined, profitable, and able to correct its course quickly, or it will cease to exist.
NASA, on the other hand, has tapped into the infinite source of revenue (sarcasm) we know as "taxpayer money". They answer to no one except elected officials, who don't really hold them accountable for much.
This creates certain attitudes, not only with NASA and other Gov't departments, but with the companies under contract with them.
These are the attitides of
1)"Spend all you want, we'll get more"
2)"I work for the government, I won't get fired".
To see the 1st attitude in real time, just go browse the national budget and some of the crazy crap our tax dollars are wasted on. Also, realize that each department feels the NEED to spend every dollar in their budget so they can demand more the next year.
To see the 2nd attitude in real time, drop by most (not all) DMV's or any other govt run bureaucracy, and watch how the workers slosh through their day. They know they're safe. They know it's darn near impossible to get fired, and their 'urgency' reflects that attitude.
Finally, let's discuss the bureaucracy itself. 240 years of senseless, outdated, and burdensome regulations have been placed on the departments of our National Government.
Very rarely does anyone attempt to remove those regulations, and when they do, they are villified.
Our Federal system is bogged down with layers of stupidity that prohibits it from doing almost anything in a timely manner. A lot of businesses have the same issue, but it can be overcome quite easily with the right CEO or department head. Not so much with the Government.
I could go on and on, but I won't. Suffice it to say, It makes much more sense placing our existence in the hands of companies who's survival depends on providing cost effective, expedient customer services, than to wait on a cumbersome, wasteful, apathetic bureaucracy.
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