What does clinician care and kindness during #COVID19 look like?
Based off #DFTBClinicianCare panel last week.
A comic #tweetorial...

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Why is #COVID19 so emotionally draining for #healthworkers and so many of us? Information overload, frequent change and pending uncertainty about what the future (and all those graphs) hold. 2/6
So many things we need to consider and plan for....
what can we do to manage emotional resources during #COVID19?
Direct energy
Learn to switch off
Look for quality recharges - both micro & macro
Focus on being present
Uphold capable kindness
Be open to distributive leadership ensuring no one is left behind
#DFTBClinicianCare 4/6
Other things to help care for your team and yourself during #COVID19 and beyond
Optimise your rota
Hold on to the power of a collective voice working for good
Understand self care is a necessity
Look at the stars & know you’re not alone.
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