Beginning in 1773, hundreds of ships carrying thousands of Scottish immigrants began arriving at Pictou Harbour, Nova Scotia. Dr. Thomas McCulloch, came ashore in 1805 and soon found himself leading a monumental change in the lives of 19th century Nova Scotians.
He and his wife, Isabella, raised their family in this Scottish-style house. Here, among some of McCulloch's possessions—from his desk to items from his natural history collection—you can discover a man who wore many hats and had a talent for stirring up controversy.
McCulloch championed new ways of thinking about education, politics and religion. It wasn't long before he was challenging the establishment. He insisted on equal access to education and believed that learning should include the study of science.
His crusade helped change the educational and political landscape and his challenges to the established order brought upheaval to the community of Pictou.
Start planning a trip to McCulloch’s 200-year-old brick home and explore exhibits that detail how one man’s passion launched him on a journey to create public education in this province. 
Take a peek inside McCulloch House Museum. 
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