1. There aren't enough ventilators, tests, or masks

Trump has the power to compel private industry to produce more of these through the Defense Production Act

But Trump has been hesitant to use it


Corporate lobbyists have convinced him not to https://popular.info/p/a-deadly-corporate-lobbying-campaign
2. The @USChamber is lobbying the administration not to use the Defense Production Act.

Its lobbyists convinced Kushner and Kudlow it was a bad idea.

It's been done quietly, but it's not a secret. You can find the @USChamber's position on its website

4. @Nike almost quit the @USChamber in 2009 over a dispute about climate change. But it remained so it could "better influence policy."

Now is the time that @Nike could make a difference by speaking out against the Chamber's lobbying


7. @Nike, @Google, and @CapitalOne did not immediately return my request for comment.

But if enough of their customers make their voices heard, they will.

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