What if every person was only allowed to own one house?
What if fines were proportional to your income and assets?
What if fossil fuel companies didn't get billions in tax dodges every year?
What if welfare was always a liveable amount that increased with inflation?
What if rich people paid what they pay for private school into tax instead so we had a well-resourced education system for all?
What if companies that create products were responsible for recycling their components at end of life? What if products were created with the lifecycle of their constituent parts in mind?
What if we saw the mental health and wellbeing of all citizens as something of benefit to our entire society and treated it as such?
What if we cared about preventing health and environmental issues instead of reacting when crisis was already happening?
What if corporations most responsible for greenhouse gas emissions had to fit the bill for climate crises?
What if we always saw increasing the safety and wellbeing of those most in need as of benefit to not just the individual but all of us?
What if none of this is actually impossible but having us all believe it can't happen is exactly what means it won't happen?
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