2 April 2020 - #MAGAAnalysis #Coronavirus

Yesterday I had the pleasure of making acquaintance with Dave, the Praying Medic. I'd seen some of his extraordinary work before, but only discovered this gem of a short video below after we connected. I do recommend it to EVERYONE. https://twitter.com/prayingmedic/status/1191388120526123008
2) As it occurred, it was my most recent thread on China and the #Coronavirus that facilitated the connection. If you haven't read it yet, I strongly recommend you do so, now. https://twitter.com/ThyConsigliori/status/1244943109945004034?s=20
3) I believe it was the great @TamaraLeigh_llc extraordinary retweet with comment - her Art of Twitter mastery never ceases to amaze - that caught @prayingmedic's attention. At any rate, if you missed her tweet, here it is: https://twitter.com/TamaraLeigh_llc/status/1245163011503001600?s=20
4) As a result of Dave's retweeting, I met many other new friends yesterday, and I found that many of them needed a bit more background on my China analysis, not knowing I've been working on this continuously since last December when Trump killed the WTO.
5) Today, we'll do just a quick, surface level review and dive into today's topic following. We turn, today, to the Social and Military strategies China is using in its war against us. If you have any doubts about this war, please read this 2019 article. https://creativedestructionmedia.com/news/asia/2019/05/18/china-declares-war-on-the-united-states/
7) Now to the WTO. In a very quick nutshell, its true source of power was its appellate court, where the great majority of cases of international trade dispute between member nations ended. The appellate court was comprised of 7 justices, with 3 the required quorum to adjudicate.
8) Follow the simple math. Justices were appointed for 2-year terms, and the US enjoyed veto power over who was appointed. In 2017, Trump knowing the math, simply commenced vetoing every new appointment, disallowing any new justices to join the appellate court.
9) The math indicated, and this is what happened, that the number needed for quorum would be broken in December 2019. It was an elegant, simple 2-year strategy and it succeeded perfectly. After quorum was broken, China signed stage 1 of Trump's trade deal in a matter of days.
10) You need one more fact to understand why. Upon accession into the World Trade Organization, China was given Most Favored Nation trading status. This meant that China automatically enjoyed every benefit negotiated in any trade deal, anywhere in the entire world.
11) To understand, consider NAFTA, made years before China's entry into the WTO, between the US, Canada, and Mexico. In 2002, China became the hidden 4th nation to enjoy all NAFTA' benefits. This mechanism is the basis of all China's wealth to this very day.
12) While they benefited greatly and continuously from the US since their encounter with Nixon in the early 1970's, it was Clinton and Bush who truly empowered them, essentially exporting 10's of thousands of factories and millions of American jobs to China.
13) It was the appellate court of the WTO where China's Most Favored Nation advantages were enforced, assuring it a type of economic power beyond measure. But, understand it was the power to steel, it was the power of piracy, global economic piracy.
14) Along with his tariffs, and unstoppable negotiating power, Trump's China strategy essentially killed its entire economy, and destroyed its global economic reach. China's ruling Communist Party was given a death sentence by Trump, and they knew it...since 2017 at least.
15) In December 2019 when I first heard of the WTO's death, I knew nothing about it. But, as my shocked research led me to realize Trump killed China's economy, I was utterly unprepared to understand what came next. The Coronavirus, which we first heard of just days later.
16) I wasn't then, and am not now a biological weapons expert. I have learned a great deal about it, at a very high conceptual level, but am in now way a qualified biologist or scientist. Rather, I am a strategic and tactical analyst, and claim to be Sun Tzu qualified as such.
17) If you'd like to learn more about my work on The Art of War, please check out the hashtag: #SunTzuForMAGA. I have completed full commentaries on about 290 of the verses in that amazing book. In each extensive commentary, I apply Sun Tzu's guidance to our #MAGA Movement.
18) I have been studying Sun Tzu continuously - well, off and on, of course - since 1987. What drove me there was my daily work as a business coach. Again, in case you're interested, you can learn more about my work at my website. http://TheConsigliori.com 
19) I'm not sure how long it took, but it was somewhere, if I recall it right, in the first part of January 2020, that I analyzed a four-stage strategy of attack that China had commenced in response, in retaliation, in a death gasp in response to Trump's economic knockout blow.
20) What I saw were these four stages of the retaliatory attack against the U.S., but also against the world's economy and against Capitalism itself. Here they are:

1) Biologica
2) Economic
3) Social
4) Military
21) The most important key to understand all four stages of their attack is to let go, instantly, of all denial. I came to discover that we were in a war, and I realized that in a war, denial is your worst enemy, worse than the nation attacking you. So, I began to address this.
23) You have to consider the genius of a biological weapon. With the largest population on earth, no matter the devastation, and after the virus has run its course, China will still have the largest population on earth. It is for China, as the seas have been for us in the past.
24) Who remembers Lewis and Clark, and previously, Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase? Jefferson knew that America could ONLY be safe if it stretched from sea to shining sea. He knew that the Atlantic and Pacific were the only true defense lines for our young nation.
25) In their war planning, China realized that its population was, in the face of pandemic weaponization, the equal of Jefferson's continental strategy. Their subjugated population in its vast numbers provide defense against biological pandemic warfare. Follow the logic further.
26) There is no way to confine the virus to your enemy nation, alone. You can try to aim it, but it is obviously a blunt instrument no matter how well you design the virus, or with what capabilities you engineer it. Your own people are almost certain to get it too.
27) Even there, if you already have the vaccine, you might well add to your biological defensive capability, but still, very blunt instrument. So, rather than worry about your people, why not use them as the delivery mechanism to enhance the vector force reach of the pandemic?
28) I think their war planning theory was something like:

'Our vast population is, to us, and the seas used to be for America. It is time to put our ultimate advantage in play.'

Events have proven my analysis to be correct.
29) This is precisely what we're seeing with the withdrawal of the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier from the South China Sea, and China's immediate aggression thereafter. Until today's article, I still hadn't made the connection to the economic power of the fossil fuels there.
31) The most important term you must take in, you must drink this word into your mind and heart. The word is: Hegemon. The definition from Wikipedia follows.
32) "Hegemony is the political, economic, or military predominance or control of one state over others. In ancient Greece, hegemony denoted the politico-military dominance of a city-state over other city-states. The dominant state is known as the hegemon."
33) Anyone who studies WWII knows that it was a two-front war. Hitler in Europe, Hirohito in Japan. What the Axis powers theorized was that America could not fight and win a two-front war, regardless of allies such as China, Russia, and Britain. They were wrong.
34) China believes it can create a three-front war, all by itself against us, by the force of its biological and economic threat, combined with its military power. In this manner, albeit only one nation, it has three separate theaters within which to strike us.
35) To come to terms with its ultimate objective, it's best to draw encircling lines of influence, and of dominating power, expanding outward from China's vast landmass. You cannot be a hegemon from afar, if you have not established hegemony over those nearest you.
36) Granted, if you take out the current hegemon, the United States in one fell blow, then of course all the smaller powers bordering you will absolutely bend the knee, bowing to your global prowess. That would be good for your strategy. But in one way it puts care before horse.
37) No decent military planner (China's are world class to be sure), would count on complete first strike victory against so great a power as the United States. So, while attacking us, the key is to move quickly in establishing local domination. This is what we see right now.
38) I have to mention thanks to another extraordinary patriot, the great @JohnBWellsCTM, the force behind http://www.caravantomidnight.com/ . If you purchase a subscription, you will find our interview on this very topic.
39) @JohnBWellsCTM has a great friend named @annvandersteel, and she too has interviewed me on this topic. They are both phenomenal researchers, thinkers and the most insightful interviewers. When I'm on their shows I learn as much as I share, to be sure.
40) In closing today's analysis, allow me to repeat the four stages of China's war planning as I assess them, and please, do your own research and build your own theories, and share them!

1) Biological
2) Economic
3) Social
4) Military
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