It's a fascinating time to be a neutral observer. The age of irony and hypocrisy is truly upon us.

The media, which for weeks called it the Chinese/Wuhan Coronavirus, decided doing so was "racist" the moment Donald Trump did it. /1
Politicians who spent weeks encouraging people to continue to shop, gather in public and in one Italian mayor's case to "hug a Chinese person" are now slamming political leaders for being "too slow"/2
People who told us the public "have had enough of experts" are now justifying every political decision they make using "expert advice". /3
Some people who urged us to consider biological realities when it came to trans women in sports now demanding we ignore biological realities when it comes to the virus. /4
People who told us "there is no magic money tree" (UK) and "America will never be a socialist country" (US) finding trillions to pay people not to work. Let's hope they take from each according to his abilities 😂 /5
People who advocate for the evil 1% to "pay their fair share" complaining Government support for self-employed is not enough because they've been understating their income and exaggerating their expenses. /End

What's your favourite?
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