it's just. the homophobia of the magicians is so incomprehensible. and i'm putting this entire thing into the tag because fuck them #TheMagicians
throughout the entire show they've put eliot, their poster boy for queer rep, through the wringer. they've made him kill. they've forced him into a marriage with a woman. they've exiled him. they killed his child. they had him possessed by a monster. they killed his one true love
they had others dismiss his pain, blame him. he got possessed again by a apparently the fucking beast, the dude who already possessed eliot's boyfriend in s1. the boyfriend he was forced to kill then. they broke his hands. they took his best friends from him. and now
they're pairing him up with "a thousand year old fillorian in a pervert ghost's body wearing a transfiguration amulet". that's a direct quote from the finale. they had eliot say this but went ahead with it anyway. they paired him up out of nowhere
with a guy that was living in his HEAD. just so they could say "here's your rep. that's a happy ending for eliot." it's not. it's not a happy ending. his friends are GONE. the love of his life is DEAD. this shit with charlton is out of NOWHERE.
some people will probably say "but everyone on the show is put through the wringer. it's not homophobic, eliot is just treated the same way as everyone else." but the thing is he's not. he's not being treated the same way.
many others before me have said this but again, eliot's personal growth is tied to his realization that he is deserving of love. of happiness. of family. of someone good and true. things he actively seeks from men. and they deny him that time and time again.
but penny23 and julia get to start a family. margo and josh get to be together. when eliot wants to save quentin he's told to let the dead stay dead and move on, that it would only make things worse. but julia has the choice between the world and penny. she chooses penny.
and she's not punished for it, she gets a family. margo gets to save josh TWICE. and she's not punished for it. penny gets plum to travel back in time to save julia and the baby. and he's not punished for it. who is punished for trying to save their loved ones? the queer men
rupert is a villain. they're actively portraying him as the villain of the season for trying to bring back his love. and in the end he fails and instead brings back his evil brother ergo he's punished for fighting for love.
eliot is being told repeatedly to move on, to let the dead stay dead. he's being told that the world would be worse off if he tried to bring Q back. all that while he has to watch his friends save others from certain death.
only the queer men get punished for fighting for love. that’s homophobic. point blank.
and let’s talk about this for a second. everyone knows that queer people can die. we do it. frequently. in real life and on television. there’s a reason BYG exists as a trope. so to insinuate that queer people are a „protected class“ is not only tone deaf but also fucking stupid
also this entire thread is mostly about eliot but let’s talk about quentin for a second. because holy fucking shit. the way they‘ve treated quentin‘s bisexuality is abhorrent. they‘ve had him sleep with el, live an entire fucking life with him, children and grandchildren and all
but have not once, not fucking once treated his bisexuality as a real thing. they kept him silent on what it means for him to have slept with eliot after the threesome. they never let him talk about what the mosaic and what being basically married to eliot meant to him
he never got to talk about it! instead they buried it for an entire fucking season until they had eliot have his epiphany about it and then afterwards it wasn’t mention again! they never acknowledged this extra layer to quentin‘s fight to save eliot
they never acknowledged what it says about quentin that HE wanted to pursue a relationship with eliot. that HE kissed him first at the mosaic. they swept it under the rug. only alice ever got to put words to QUENTIN‘S feelings. he never got to do it it himself.
and the fact that they now say that they‘re aware of what quentin means to us when they have not ONCE acknowledged his sexuality is fucking ridiculous. and, again, homophobic
they couldn’t say it during s1-s3, not after the s4 debacle when they put absolutely harmful garbage out there, but now. now they can apparently say it. yeah, I don’t believe jack shit from gamble and mcnamara.
in conclusio: fuck the magicians and it’s homophobic bullshit, i‘m glad we all - characters, actors, fans - are finally free
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