Love that we have seamlessly transitioned from "what do you mean, you need plastic straws to live because it's the only way you can drink? Think of the sea turtles!"


"What do you mean, you're immunocompromised and need a mask? Think of the Drs!"


The common denominator seems to be the idea that :

1. Disabled people are not reliable narrators of our own experiences, so we probably don't really *need* that thing to live

2. Even if we do, other lives are more important than disabled people's

[ableism, COVID-19]

Meanwhile, now that abled people are worried about surviving, it's suddenly okay again to use single use plastics

It's heroic, even! You're saving people's lives by reducing infection rates
[ableism, COVID-19]

I'm old enough to remember when certain abled people said we should abolish *all* single use plastics

And when disabled people were like "uh what about my catheter"

Some folks actually said maybe we should just die
[ableism, COVID-19]

That seems to be the running theme, honestly

"Oh? Disabled people need to be included and that might cost money or resources? Maybe disabled people should just die"

Only dressed up in language about medical ethics, usually
[ableism, COVID-19]

Many disabled people are very concerned that this ventilator shortage is going to be an excuse to let a lot of disabled people just die.

And yes, I know how triage works
[ableism, COVID-19]

I see a lot of well meaning healthcare providers talking on here about how the guidelines regarding who gets a ventilator are just to ensure the maximum number of people survive, and that no one is going to basically murder us

I am not reassured
[ableism, COVID-19]

I believe that some individual healthcare providers are not going to actively discriminate against disabled people, and are going to try to save as many people as possible
[ableism, COVID-19]

But I *absolutely* believe that the system is set up to let a bunch of disabled people die, and also that some people are happy about that

Because again, the theme is "disabled people need a thing? Maybe they could die instead"
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