Dear Prime Minister @narendramodi

I know you must already be thinking about planned relaxation of lockdown. I have few inputs to give you.

Barring a couple of CMs most are incompetent, therefore it becomes your burden to take care of the poor. Also people believe in you.
I propose a staggered relief in lockdown.

It should be based on sound medical thought process.

In the first stage it should be only for those less than 30yrs + no co-morbidities who do not have any symptoms of Covid19. Let schools & colleges open after testing teaching staff.
The first stage must be monitored thoroughly so that if there is a significant spike in cases it can be withdrawn.

The second stage should start after 10 days to 2 weeks & the relief should be for those aged between 31 to 50. Same protocol must be followed in 2nd stage too.
The third stage should give relief to those in 51 to 60 year age. This is the time to wait. Please wait after 3rd stage for 3-4 weeks before completely removing the lockdown.

During all these stages ban on international passenger flights must continue. Only goods must be allowed
All those crew who handle container transport must be carefully monitored in this period & beyond.

It would be July August by this time, please also keep watching how this gets blown internationally. If required process can be slowed or hastened. Experts who know should lead
In best case scenario we should have vaccine ready by September and also hope that there is herd immunity.

Tabligi jamat may have inadvertently done something good. The moslem pool is young & herd immunity may happen faster among them than aged. Turn it into an advantage
Apologies if I am bothersome with my constant tweets & tagging . It is because I care.

Let us win this for Bharat Mata.

Namaskar & Happy Navami.

cc @amitsurg @sydmoir2020 @ramana_brf @RatanSharda55 @DrVikasPadha @drnngujarathi @docphiloshoper @Angriy_BiRd

Your comments please
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