We know this is an unsettling time. We have created some online support and answers to frequently asked questions about #coronavirus which may help your organisation. https://www.zurich.co.uk/business/coronavirus/risk-management
If your charity or community group has a building, download the <temporary closure security guidance> document. It includes information and a checklist of risk control measures to help you secure your building. https://www.zurich.co.uk/business/coronavirus/risk-management
Our guide to <managing additional home working exposure> includes guidance on health and safety, wellbeing, business continuity, cyber risks and data protection. https://www.zurich.co.uk/business/coronavirus/risk-management
Our <working parents, carers and childcare - safeguarding risks and implications> is for managers who have working parents in their teams. https://www.zurich.co.uk/business/coronavirus/risk-management
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