This is what @INCIndia does. Most idiotic party. Compromising security of my society. Charan Singh Sapra is causing commotion in our society which is under self quarantine. @PMOIndia @MumbaiPolice @CPMumbaiPolice plz help. @
This gala nagar, j.n. road, mulund west, next to Mehul talkies. @MumbaiPolice
@RahulGandhi @ShashiTharoor is this what you party preaches. Causing harm & violence to the society members for few opportunistic photos. #COVID19Pandemic is no joke. @Charanssapra get a hold of yourself. Be responsible. Don't cause caos.
Threatening society members with violence. For closing the gates. Which your party workers opened for outsiders. @RahulGandhi @ShashiTharoor @milinddeora @Charanssapra @eont cause more harm if you can't do anything positive or constructive. #COVID19Pandemic #Covid_19india
This fat guy in white shirt is now threatening me with hitting & killing me & my father. He said he has 17 cases against him do whatever you want. @RahulGandhi @ShashiTharoor @INCIndia is thia your party. @PMOIndia @narendramodi @MumbaiPolice #COVID19Pandemic #COVIDー19
You think @sardesairajdeep congress is secular & centrist. Party workers threatening us gujarati members of society to go back to Gujarat. @RanaAyyub @ShashiTharoor @RahulGandhi @milinddeora @narendramodi @ShekharGupta #COVID19Pandemic #COVID19outbreak
please take notice of mulund congress workers breaking lockdown & threatening society members @rautsanjay61 @CMOMaharashtra @OfficeofUT please take a look at this thread. #COVID19outbreak #COVID2019india
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