Some of the highly demanded food-agro agribusiness in South Africa:

Agripreneurs (esp youth and women) are encouraged to look into

A thread:

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1. Spice Production

There is an increased demand in the developed countries for natural flavour. There is a study made by DUT (Durban University of technology) how SA is extreme fertile land for growing herbs and spices. Northern KZN, Free State and Northern Cape being top...
..Regions supported by the climate in those regions to be favourable for spice production. This transcends to essential oils. I remember attending a meeting in December and I was shocked to realise how we are just walking past essential oils and the opportunity.
2. Meat production (livestock agriculture)

A few years ago SA ranked on top as a net red meat exporter as it supplied most the cheap beef market.The organic meat market is a market that is eager to grow keeping in mind as an agripreneur in this market,the regulations that bind
Such as

-Agro chemicals
-Time handling
- certification
And so on
Nuts production

The climate conditions in the country favours the production of a variety important nuts. Incl Macadamia and Pecan nuts. South Africa is one of the biggest exporters of Macadamia nuts and there lies the opportunity for youth and women...
The value chain in nuts production is a great way to start. Look into chocolate and many different consumable products that nuts can maximise agripreneurship in agriculture.
4. Spirits (wine beer etc)

A difficult industry for entry, however SA competes with the world on producing some of the best spirits from wine and beer. Youth and women are encourages to create value in this agricultural industry
Growing Lucerne for the local and international market (animal feed)

With high livestock demand all over the world. There comes the direct demand for Lucerne. Youth and women are encouraged to not only grow but to take hold of the value chain
The end. The demand for Agriculture goes beyond this thread. This is to shed some light on the direction of the demand and to reassure youth and women that agriculture is lucrative and the diverse opportunities in the value chain of each product can serve as a starting point.
I think for me it has always been about observing your own market and capitalising on it.
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