Having a really interesting conversation with an old friend from school regarding unconscious bias and stereotypes surrounding gender in STEM subjects. He excelled at all STEM subjects but didn’t enjoy them, he felt pressured to take that path... 1/n
He supported me through those subjects as I did not feel confident in them. Whereas I excelled at creative subjects such as art, music and English. I was never pressured to choose challenging subjects by teachers whereas he was... 2/n
Looking back he said he wishes he’d had more of a choice to take creative subjects and I wish I’d been supported more in my course choices! 3/n
This has just highlighted the importance of STEM in early years to me and has really made me think about making it equal for all! 🤩 4/n
This thread relates to Activity 2 of the National STEM CPL Module where I am reflecting on what STEM means to me on a personal and professional level ✨ #FCremoteCLPL #STEM #GenderEquality
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