COVID-19... The Narratives

No. 1

China created the COVID-19 virus to punish the United States for going into a trade war with it. Now the world is down and China is booming.
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No. 2

The Illuminati, in conjunction with the Pope, created this virus to undermine Trump (economically), who they see as a potential threat, send him out of the White House, and establish a one-world religion by May 2020.
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No. 3

God sent this virus to earth, to call the attention of everyone to His sovereignty and power. He is using it to punish us for our sins.

No. 4

The Devil sent COVID-19 virus to earth to challenge God's sovereignty n hunt God's children.
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No. 5

COVID-19 happened as a result of Cell reaction to 5G roll out.

A policy maker who holds any one or all of these narratives (including others developing) is a danger to public safety.
It leads to inaction
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Devastating Examples:

a) Before 2003, South Africa was #led to believe the AIDS pandemic was false. Today, with just about 0.7% of d world's population, it is host to 7.7 million AIDS patients (about 13% of their population) - d highest in the world.
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b) Before March 2020, the United States of America was #led_ to believe the COVID-19 virus was a hoax. Today, with just about 23% of the Chinese population, America is home to the largest number of confirmed cases (200,000).
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So, What do we know from research?

Let me share from Cheng, et al (2007)

- COVID-19 (like SARS) is a Coronavirus that belongs to the Coronaviridae family
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- SARS was the first known major pandemic caused by a coronavirus. During the epidemic in 2003, 8,096 cases with 774 deaths had occurred in over 30 countries among five continents.
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- They are known to cause respiratory or intestinal infections in humans and other animals.

- Large reservoir of SARS-CoV-like viruses in horseshoe bats, together with the culture of eating exotic mammals in southern China, triggers its outbreak.
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Our public health pandemic policy - domestically and across the world - must follow evidence. South Korea is an example of a democracy that was somewhat prepared, and took control of the outbreak.

Follow the science.
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Cheng, et al (2007) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus as an Agent of Emerging and Reemerging Infection, CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY REVIEWS, 20(4), p. 660–694
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