Barr. Courage Nsirimovu wrote...

“Corona Court Case in Rivers State
April 1, 2020

The Governor said Dusk to Dawn. Hence the people moved freely from 6a.m to 6p.m. Shockingly, the Governor's agents were arresting people who
moved out during the day. This confusion was cleared when the Commissioner for information insisted that it was a 24hr curfew. The damage had already been done, over a hundred and twenty six persons were already arrested.

#CoronaVirusInNigeria #CoronavirusinRivers
Today I received a call to come represent one of them in court. And boy...The mammoth crowd in court... The entrance to the court cell was overflowing with body-gumming people... I tried to take shots but the police siezed my phone and later released it.

If the intention was to prevent Corona virus, then trust me, the mechanism to achieve that is inefficient. Even in the small court room we were all clustered. The Government and Police should actually be in court for trial (endangering the lives of citizens)

The I.G's order should be obeyed... Only incacerate suspects of capital offences...”

#PoliceBrutality #CoronaVirusInNigeria #COVID19Nigeria #PoliceViolence #PoliceState
The lawyer shared the court documents. They are back in court this morning. Reports have it that those a nursing mother is among those arrested by the Rivers State Government and @PoliceNG. A friend to the woman says she wasn’t on any of the ‘curfewed’ roads. @PoliceNG_CRU
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