1. This a Picture from the US .MERCY whiched correctly docked in the port of LA. A Train Engineer ran his Diesel locomotive at full speed off the tracks at the pier attempting to hit the US Mercy .
2. Let's look a bit closer. Shall we?
In rhis photo, several things are glaringly and alarmingly noticeable.

I am an Emergency Physician of 22 years, and prior to that A Naval Commissioned Officer, and General Medical Officer for 6 years.

Because of this experience, i can see
3. The person in the bed, whose face a direct view, is hidden from the viewer. Not likely coincidence, protection a. Patient's identity ( HIPPA) laws, b. American viewing Public, not ready to see this in full yet due to the shock
4. This is a SMALL person, and, appears to be child size. I would estimate, middle school child?
In the lower R corner, you see (her) small foot sticking up under the covers, I estimate there is an additional 2.5 feet until you reach the end of the bed.
5 .Note this patient's head. The top of head has highlights of over head lights reflecting off it, giving a silohette of the cranium, givesone a sense of scale given the curvature and directly comparing with the adults heads present. Smaller.
6. Looking closer. Follow the shape of the hair, appears to be grown out, long, unkempt.....
7.. Note, what is the prescribed Treatment for this patient?

This, my fellow Americans, is a bag of TPN (TOTAL PARENTAL NUTRITION).
This is given to provide nutrients and protein and fat calories to those unable to eat.

It is also given to victims of starvation.
8.. This is necessary in order to prevent "refeeding syndrome". Feeding a person who is an advance state of starvation potentially can kill them. See reference to article below if you eant to know more.
9.Quick overview of Pathophysiology of refeeding syndrome.
10. Americans must prepare themselves.(warning graphic picture).

The last time innocent children, girls, boys, women, men were found captive, enslaved, and in advanced starvation and had died or had been killed.................
11. Given now, what we have learned and gleaned from one photo from the USN Mercy, I ask you...

Does this in any way look like the "overflow" of "NON COVID-19 patients requiring urgent and critical Medical attention"?!?

Does this look like a "Trauma" or "Traumatized" child?.
12. Consider Q drop #3570.

Could it be that [C] before [D] means:

The Enslaved children who are being exploited by the deep state Cabal elitists must be saved first, prior to the [Declass] of the elite dir their crimes against children and humanity?

Double meanings?
13. Was part of Q's plan to save as many of these trafficked and enslaved children as possible, BEFORE DECLASS, MASS ARREST, AND ENDICTMENTS, of Hillary, Obama, and all of the Democrat Power Elites, to Prevent mass murder of these poor souls to hide and destroy evidence?
14. Was this a lesson learned from the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein, who in advance, brought in heavy equipment and demolition to bury and fill in the tunnels and dungeons and temples of Little St.James island?
15. My conclusion? I believe now that the true mission of our Marines, national guard, and the USN MERCY and Comfort, is to storm all known Cabal tunnels, bunkers, D.U.M.B.S , and rescue these poor, exploited, children and human beings.
16. I end this thread with questions.

How many of these poor souls were bred and born into this horror of evil enslavement and exploitation?

How many have never seen the light of day?

How did Hollywood enter this into the minds of collective society, in order to desensitize?
17. Perhaps this? Create a culture of Abortion where a child's life early on is feemed a "parasite" and worthy of violent removal and death?
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