- Trolls are paid per response. At the end of the day, they have to submit to their handler an excel file with links to their Tweets/comments as proof of their work. For bigger clients, each Troll has to reach a quota to be paid (for example, 30 per day).
- They make more money if they get a hashtag trending. Report #/dU30p4r1n and refrain from using that specific phrase at any cost.
- Even if there are thousands of them, only a handful of people are writing the same script. There are people who do copy pasta, and people who change one to two words then send out their tweets.

Don't engage either way.
- The block and report functions are your best friends. Hide/delete reply is also a great way to keep them from earning. Shut down their main source of income, and they'll have difficulty keeping up.
- Trolls are EASILY demotivated. The people behind the screens will give up eventually if you keep on blocking/deleting their tweets. They'll either switch projects or drop their employer.

So keep at it. Keep fighting. We got this.

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