They have held the test since your conversation with a President Moon, you promised our Ally S Korea you would cut a fucking purchase order.
The Embassy has contacted you
But FEMA or DOD know what the other agency is doing
CUT TH4 FUCKING PURCHASE ORDER or the test go to Europe
S Korea’s President Moon at your request instructed SEEGENE Inc to hold the test for AMERICA you incompetent useless POS
Also call the Embassy you intractable ignoramus because the bottleneck is @jaredkushner
PS fire Jared bc he should be charged with involuntary manslaughter
President Moon told you the FDA hurdle and your boy wonders have no fucking idea how DC works
You haven’t even notified the FDA because Jared forgot
ps you have a lot of mice who are super fed up with your bullshit
They know what a failure you are
Either Man up or resign you POS
Tell @fema @FEMA_Pete to cut the fucking PO
The S Korean Government gave you right of first refusal and they have held thousands of test but they gave you a deadline of FUCKING TUESDAY you repugnant succubus
Instead you relied on Putin
This is how pernicious and petulant you are
March 30, 2020 you lost it when a reporter asked you about South Korea and their testing.
They have told our other Allies that they promised you the coronavirus test
And Ivanka isn’t our gd Ambassador to S Korea.
Oh you think I’m off the mark about Trump “dishonoring” his promise to President Moon concerning thousands of test waiting to be shipped.
Instead he called Vladdy Daddy to “save the day”?
CAN CONFIRM - but no you DC based reporters didn’t believe or have time to ask @fema and now the THOUSANDS OF COVID-19 TEST President Moon directed the S Korean company to hold
I’m not a reporter - this isn’t my job but fuck it I’m pissed
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