About halfway through Gaudy Night and apparently book parties haven't changed in 85 years.
"Suppressing the rage that this question always rouses in a professional writer, Harriet admitted that she was."

Harriet and I feel the same about the dreaded "what are you working on?" question.
This immediately followed quite predictably.
A lot of men trying to get with Harriet in this book. From Peter (obviously) to somewhat silly undergraduate.
Goodness do I love thunderstorms.
I kind of want to go punting now, which is something I haven't done since I attended a summer program at Cambridge [releases deep sigh about the passage of time] nearly 22 years ago.
I agree with Peter. My actual 20s were shit, but I do sometimes ache for the concept of my 20s.
She spent the previous, lengthy paragraph cataloguing the details of Peter's face.

Oh, Harriet.
I really want to go punting now, which is something I haven't done since the month I spent at a summer program at Cambridge when I was 15.
Some first class denial from Harriet.
Oof, this prayer.
This section where Peter is showing Harriet how to defend herself against a possible attacker is 👀👀👀👀
Just turned the page to that response.

These two are getting out of hand. https://twitter.com/suddenlyjen/status/1247009420871172098
What is Miss Hillyard's damage?
"Never...had she considered [Peter] primarily as a male animal, or calculated the promise implicit in the veiled eyes, the long, flexible mouth, the curiously vital hands."

Only took her 500 pages.
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