so i know theres been a lot of ink spilled on nyc people descending upon the hamptons and ransacking grocery stores but here is the actual result of that: my grandma, age 82, can't get a grocery delivery for 2+ weeks.
the summer oasis for rich city people is actually her home. there are a lot of retirees out there, many with underlying health issues which mean they can't go to the grocery store and actually need those peapod/freshdirect/instacart slots that are being hoard right now.
i can't have my grandma go without groceries. her friends are her age, they cant go to the store either.

so instead, im going to have to rent a car (a risk) and deliver the food to her. for her safety, i wont be able to see her, which will be really emotionally draining on us.
i am, very thankfully, a youngish healthyish person with the means to do that for her. but lots of people in "summer" towns don't have this option. they NEED the delivery slots.

so..think about this before you place a $300 order 2 weeks in advance for just-in-case pantry items.
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