. @NHL teams as Bachelor/Bachelorette alum:

First up, @Canes = @demi_burnett

Sassy, fun. Create good content.
. @NYIslanders = @Oldmattdonald22

Nice but just kind of there.
. @NYRangers = @hannahbrown

. @NHLFlyers = Babs Weber
. @penguins = Victoria F
. @Capitals = @therealDBcoop

Solid. Comitted.
. @NHLBruins = Alayah Benavidez

Always comes back around.
@BuffaloSabres = @Jason_Tartick

For obvious reasons.
. @FlaPanthers = @bibi_julz

Keep the faith.
@CanadiensMTL = @PethDerek

A good friend.
. @Senators = @colton

p.s. hope you're feeling better @colton
. @TBLightning = @HannahannSluss

So close.

Also girl you are a queen. You shine brighter without a man. Slay.
. @MapleLeafs = @TylerJCameron3

Cool dudes. Doin there thing.
. @NHLBlackhawks = @JuanPaGalavis


(get yo man next season @Clare_Crawley)
. @DallasStars = Jed Wyatt
. @mnwild = @deanie_babies

He lives in a van in the wild.
. @NHLJets = Pilot Pete duh
. @ArizonaCoyotes = @ariejr

What the gif says.
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