Receptionist!Bakugou and Pottery!Shima have been dating for a little over two months now, and Kirishima is just as ridiculously fucking sexy as ever. When he comes over earlier than planned one day, and sees Kirishima fresh off work, he just can't help himself from indulging.
Part 1:
❗TAGS: Scent kink, ball sniffing, armpit licking, praise kink, hairy!Shima, top Kiri, bottom Bakugou, newly unvirgined Bakugou, premature ejaculation, frottage, fingering, maybe anal sex I haven't decided yet❗

"Oi, Shitty Hair! You home yet?" Katsuki calls out as he steps into his boyfriend's home, the key dangling next to his own on his grenade keychain.

There's no answer, but faintly down the hall, he can hear the shower running.

Mmmm, wet Kirishima.
But also he already bought the tickets for the movie they were supposed to see today.

"He better not take half a damn decade," the blond mutters, stomping down the hall and throwing open the door to the bathroom.

"Oi, Kirishi-!"

He chokes.

Holy shit, it smells /amazing/.
He sucks in a harsh breath, eager for more of /whatever the fuck that smell is/ to coat the back of his throat.


Red eyes snap up, wide and surprised on Kirishima's own. He's not even in the /shower/ yet.

"You're really early! Let me ju-!"
"What is that smell?" Katsuki cuts in, almost a little breathless as he inhales repeatedly.

Kirishima pauses, frozen where he's tugging his shirt over his head. "Smell?"

He's getting closer and closer, his nose leading him directly in front of Kirishima.
"Smells good," he murmurs, black eating away at the red of his eyes until they're blown wide with lust.

"I don't really know what smell you mean," Kirishima says nervously, lifting an arm to scratch at the back of his head in confusion.
A /wave/ of the scent comes flying at him, punching him directly in his dick. He doesn't hesitant to follow it, which leads him directly to the hairiest part of Kirishima's armpit.

"Oh my fuuu-," he groans, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.
It smells absolutely /terrible/ in the best kind of way. Soap and skin and detergent, mixed with the heavy scent of dried sweat.

Kirishima giggles a little deliriously as he shoves his face closer, huffing like some kind of animal.

"Dude, that tickles!"
"Kirishima," he moans, grinding up against his front, pressing his growing erection against the older man's hip.


And just like that the mood of the room changes, a strong hand reaching down to wrap slowly around his hip.
Katsuki doesn't stop, couldn't stop if he wanted, moaning as he drags his tongue over the rough, black hairs of his boyfriend's armpit.

It's disgusting, absolutely depraved, and he whines as he nuzzles closer, licking again, and again.
Kirishima low, rumbling chuckle as he gently pushes him away, makes his dick pulse in his jeans.

"Does it really smell that good?" He asks teasingly, pressing a kiss to his forehead as he backs him up against the sink, the shower running forgotten in the background.
Katsuki nods, panting heavily as he stares into half lidded eyes.

Kirishima hums, nosing along his jawline until he's able to whisper into a flushed ear.

"You sure? I just came home, you know. Been working in the shop since 6 a.m."
Katsuki mewls, letting the redhead lift him up onto the bathroom counter, how hands dragging up his quivering legs.

"K-Kirishima!" He groans, his hips bucking forward.

"You like the smell of sweaty old man?" He purrs, biting into that pale skin, making him gasp.

He jolts when Kirishima's hands grip his ass tightly, yanking him forward until their erections are grinding together, one wrapped tight behind a pair of jeans, and the other straining against black boxer briefs.

Katsuki groans raggedly, clutching as wide shoulders.
"Bet I can think of a few other places that I smell even better."

Katsuki's mind goes /wild/ and he moans when Kirishima bites him again, harder, sucking a dark bruise into his neck.

"Ah! Fuck!"

"What do you say, Katsuki? Wanna smell somewhere even better?"
He doesn't expect Katsuki to shove him back.


"Bedroom," he gasps, something wild and feral in his eyes as he hops off the counter to shove him again, out towards the master bedroom.

"Babe, the shower!"

"I'll pay the water bill, just /go/!"
Kirishima laughs loudly, catching his shoving hands and pressing him against the wall, leaning down to capture his angry mouth in a kiss.

Katsuki's fights for all of two seconds before melting, his mouth opening to let his tongue invade as he moans weakly.
Kirishima has always kissed him in a way that leaves him weak kneed and hard, and today is no different. He doesn't even seem to care that Katsuki now tastes like /his own/ sweat.

He doesn't stop until Katsuki is halfway sliding down the wall, his legs unable to support him.
"How about," he murmurs, kissing his lips repeatedly as he talks, "/you/ go to the bedroom and get undressed, and /I'll/ turn off the shower and meet you there. Sound good?"

"Y-yeah," he pants softly, his mind a pleasurable mush.

"Good boy. Go."
He stumbles into the bedroom, shaking hands pulling his clothes off as he listens to the shower squeak off in the bathroom.

He doesn't have to wait very long for Kirishima to join him, hot hands wrapping around his small waist just as he's yanking his shirt over his head.
"See? That wasn't so bad," he hums, confident hands sliding down to help him out of his bottoms, letting them drop in a small heap onto the floor.

Katsuki disagrees, but the way Kirishima is lovingly cupping his erection is making it hard for him to say so.
"A-ah, shit!"

"Language," Kirishima murmurs, licking a hot stripe up the back of his neck as his hand wraps around the blond's erection firmly, a thumb swirling around the tip.

Katsuki's knees buckle immediately, and he whines, high pitched and needy.
"Cute," Kirishima says with a grin, awkwardly slow walking him towards the bed while still wrapped around him, his erection pressing against round cheeks.

"Y-you fucking-ah!"

They topple over onto the bed in a heap of limbs, Katsuki cursing violently as Kirishima giggles.
"Language," Kirishima says laughingly, manhandling him onto his back.

"Eat me!"

They play wrestle for a little while, until the scent of Kirishima's sweat finally lulls him into stillness, breathing heavily as he glares up at him halfheartedly.
"You're way too cute to be glaring at me like that," Kirishima says, leaning down to pull him into another kiss.

Katsuki immediately opens for his greedy tongue, groaning as he drops his full 200+ pounds on top of him, the pudge of his stomach wrapping snuggly around his dick.
"Fuck," he pants breathlessly into his kisses, his hips rolling without his permission as he digs his hands into Kirishima's love handles.

Two months of actual meals rather than instant noodles and convenience store bentos had made his boyfriend thicker than when they first met.
And Katsuki /loved/ it. Loved his his bear of a man, hair and all.

Speaking of hair...

He shoved at Kirishima's shoulders halfheartedly, pouting (not that he would admit it).

"Stop distracting me," he pants, even though he was still grinding his hips against that soft fat.
"Hmm? Who's distracting?" The older man asks teasingly, moving down his neck to bite at the hollow of his throat, making him yelp.

A harder shove is his answer and he chuckles before obediently rolling away, letting his blond clamber on top of him.

"Greedy," he murmurs.
"For you? Always," Katsuki groans, gripping those fat tits in his hand and burying his face between them.

As always, they're the perfect amount of soft squish, and he moans shakily as his hips jump forward.

"Fuck, you feel so good," he whines, licking at his sweaty skin.
He doesn't waste anymore time, sucking and biting those beautiful tits all the way up, until his nosing along the crease of Kirishima's arm.

"Eiii," he whines when the man doesn't lift his arm, biting at his arm in annoyance.
"Oh, did you want this?" Kirishima asks innocently, lifting his arm up to expose his armpit.

The wave of scent makes his dick jump where it's pressed to Kirishima's belly and he groans loudly, shoving his face into the sweaty crevice.
It feels like when he was younger and he would put the covers over his head. Hot and muggy and he can barely breathe through the thick blanket.

Only in this case the blanket is sweat.

He mumbles almost incoherently, rubbing his face against the sweaty skin.
"Damn, you're really getting up in there," Kirishima says fondly, running a large hand up and down his back. "Does it smell that good?"

He makes an exaggerated sniffing noise in response, his eyes rolling back into his head.

"Hmm, guess so."
He giggles when Katsuki licks at him again, his tongue hot and wet against him, hips humping against his belly. It's cute. But he can feel his own erection, straining upwards and leaking slowly.

"C'mon," he murmurs, pulling him away by the hair. "Down here now."
Like he needs to be told twice.

He shuffles down in a tangle of awkward, too quick limbs, shuddering as the wet head of Kirishima's erection drags across his stomach.

He's never wanted to suck a dick more. And he will, just as soon as he gets his fill of everything else.
"Fuuuuuck," he whispers as he settles between those soft thighs, his eyes trained on his crotch. Kirishima is big /everywhere/. Big thighs, big ass, and big, fat dick.

He nuzzles the base lightly, dragging his nose over full, fuzzy balls, inhaling their potent scent.
He can't stop his tongue from darting out of his mouth, licking across the fat nuts like they're the elixir of life itself.

"Nasty little baby," Kirishima murmurs, but his voice is fond and amused as he drags thick fingers through blond hair.
He doesn't respond, too busy burying his face into the crease of his pelvis to lick at the sweat there. He never gets tired of this. Of the thick, almost sour taste om his tongue. Of the dizzying smell of balls, dick, and the tiniest bit of urine. He's almost drunk with it.
"God, you look fucking /wrecked/ babe," the redhead pants, watching with heavy eyes as he licks at him. "You really like this, huh?"

Katsuki moans softly, licking up under his nuts in an effort to get every bit of his raw, masculine scent.
But eventually the well has to run dry, and he whimpers as he tongue drags across wet skin and comes back tasteless.

So, on to the main course then.

"Fuck!" Kirishima hisses lightly he licks up the side of his throbbing erection. "Shit, your /mouth/-!"
"Tastes good," Katsuki mumbles, focusing on his face with lust hazy eyes the way he knows Kirishima likes as he licks the head of his dick, moaning at the taste of precum on his tongue.

Kirishima bites down of a grunt, his dick jumping with arousal.
He never gets tired of those ruby red eyes locked on him.

"C'mon baby, a little more," he whispers, gently stroking on blond hair, watching himself slip an inch or two into that hot mouth. "That's it, beautiful. Doing so good for me."
Katsuki moans, suckling at the head of the pulsing flesh harshly, making Kirishima twitch.


He doesn't stop, knows his redhead well enough to know that he loves this, loves the harsh pressure that makes his thighs tremble where they're caging him in.

"S-shit! Katsuki!"
He would smirk if he could, but instead he lets his eyes fall closed and dips down even farther, pressing his tongue against the fat vein on the underside of his dick and rubbing back and forth.

"Fuuuuuck, you're gonna kill me," Kirishima moans, his hand clenching in his hair.
"Noaht tohdauh," Katsuki mumbles around the dick in his mouth, and Kirishima jerks with a gasp.

"Fuck! D-don't talk with it in your mouth," he whines, sinking back into the soft pillows behind his as his hands shake with the effort of not dragging him down and fucking his face.
He /could/, but something about letting him desperately lick at him instead just makes it that much hotter.

"M-more...take more for me," he begs instead, his hips shaking with the effort not to thrust. "You're gonna look so pretty choking on my dick, babe."
And choke he does, a gag bubbling up in his throat and leaking out of his stuffed mouth as soon as he gets halfway down the thick length.

Kirishima swears violently, his eyes locked on his spit slicked lips, swollen and red with effort.

"That's it...that's my pretty baby..."
Katsuki only tries to suck his that much harder, his dainty hands wrapping around what he can't fit in his mouth and stroking quickly, causing him to hiss as his hips buck upwards without his permission.

"F-fuck! Holy shit!"
Katsuki moans like the best whore, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as Kirishima's hips begin to /rock/, slowly back and forth, the head of his dick popping in and out of his throat. Every time he gags Kirishima whines, and the fist in his hair gets tighter and tighter.
"Fuck, you're gonna be the death of me," he growls, sweat beading his forehead as he gets hotter, gathering at all of the creases and folds of his skin, and Katsuki shudders as his scent begins to thicken in the air, heavy and masculine and making him hump against the sheets.
His dick is almost purple with need by this point and leaking /heavily/ so even just that little bit of friction makes him moan loudly around the flesh in his mouth.

"My pretty, desperate baby," Kirishima sighs, and oh, his dick is twitching in his mouth.
He begins to rut against the bed slowly, soft, muffled whines leaking from his stuffed mouth as he continues to suck what he can as deep as he can as Kirishima starts to get a little rougher with him.

Suddenly, his hips are snapping harder. His hand is yanking rougher.
He's moaning louder, and can barely keep his eyes open as his head falls back.

"Y-you're doing so good," he slurs, his free hand cupping the back of his neck as Katsuki starts to drool heavily, letting it leak down those large, fuzzy balls. "Fuck, baby, you're so good."
Katsuki can barely hear him over the roar of blood in his ears, his choking and gagging noises getting louder the faster Kirishima moves, echoing through the bedroom and bouncing back to them like some kind of soundtrack of horny.

"I'm close," Kirishima grunts.
The sweat that had been beading his brow slipping down his face, which is pulled into a painful grimace as he works himself closer to his orgasm using Katsuki's mouth, his upper lip curled back over weirdly dangerously sharp teeth.
"Gonna swallow for me, babe?" He asks through rough breaths, and Katsuki's whine of approval turns into another gag when Kirishima thrusts harder, deeper than only a few seconds before.

He has a brief second of panic when his stomach turns suddenly.
Afraid that something is going to come up rather than going down, but Kirishima is already pulling back before it has a chance to take, reaching down with his large hand to wrap around Katsuki's, which has fallen limp around his dick, encouraging him to stroke.
"C'mon babe, move your hand," he groans, his eyes slipping shut again, and it's not like Katsuki has much of a choice when Kirishima is forcing him to jerk him off without realizing it, but like /fuck/ is he gonna complain.
Instead, he's gonna reach up with his free hand and massage those fat, heavy balls while forcing his gag reflex into the pits of hell where it belongs so he can work his mouth down that much farther.

"Shit, shit, g-goddamit, fuck," Kirishima gasps when he sucks him deeper.
His mouth is stretched to the absolute limit and he can feel fat, wet tears leaking from the corners of his eyes, but he can also feel how Kirishima's balls tightening and drawing closer to his body, as well as hear his escalating noises.

"F-fuck, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna-!"
It surprises him when he finds out that he can't taste the first thick spurt of cum. It makes him realize that Kirishima's dick is /much/ deeper in his throat than he originally thought. But it's only a matter of slowly easing back until he was only suckling the flushed tip.
The second - or maybe third? - shot lands directly on his waiting tongue, and he moans loudly when it does, swallowing it and all of it's brother and sister cumshots eagerly as he uses his hand to work his boyfriend through the aftershocks.
It's only when Kirishima hisses softly and taps his forehead that he pulls away, licking the excess fluids from his lips hungrily.

The redhead looks properly wrecked, laid out panting against the sheets, glistening with sweat as his dick goes soft between his legs.
Katsuki has never been more aroused in his /life/.

"Ei," he groans, his voice rough and scratchy from its thorough workout.

"Yeah, I gotcha babe," he murmurs, gathering him in his soft, plush arms.

He whines when their bodies touch, thrusting against his soft fat.
Kirishima's chuckle is tired, but so very satisfied as he presses a kiss to the skin of his bared neck.

"Thank you for taking care of me," he murmurs over Katsuki's needy noises, gripping his hip in a large hand and tugging him forward as his other hand squeezes his asscheek.
Katsuki moans, high and needy, rutting against him with short, desperate thrusts of his hips as Kirishima kisses up his neck.

"You were such a good boy for me," he croons against the soft skin, and Katsuki gasps loudly when the tips of his fingers brush against his hole.
"Can't believe you took me so deep," he continues as he uses the pad of his finger to rub up against his spasming hole, listening contentedly as his baby gasps and whines in arms. "You're throat is gonna be sore for days, and you don't even care, do you?"
"No!" Katsuki rasps as loud as he can, his voice scratchy and rough sounding.

Kirishima hums, swiping the lube off the top of the night stand with one hand.

"Forgive me if I can't go again right away," he mutters, and Katsuki's dick jerks when he hears a cap pop open.
"I'm not exactly the young stallion I was when I was your age."

"Could have fooled me with that horse dick of yours," Katsuki replies with a breathless laugh that turns into a yelp when Kirishima pettily shoves a finger inside of him.

"As I was saying," the redhead hums, and Katsuki melts into a puddle of goo with a soft moan as he wriggles his finger in slow, stretching circles, "I'm not as young as I once was. But..."

A second finger presses against his hole, overly wet with slowly warning lube.
"This old dog still knows a few tricks."

"Y-you're fucking /weird/ - ah!"

He bites down on the meat of Kirishima's shoulder when the other slowly eases his second finger in, his dick twitching violently at the sting. And he knows Kirishima feels it when he laughs at him.
"Pain slut."

He just moans. There's no use denying what they both already know is true. He likes a little bit of sting with his pleasure. Nothing /too/ out there. Just...enough for him to feel it later on.

Kirishima is slow and thorough though, and eventually the pain settles.
"There we go," Kirishima murmurs as he feels the blond's body slowly relax in his arms, his head lolling back with a moan as pleasure rolls through him. He feels like he's got fire in his veins, lighting him up in one of the best ways possible.

"F-faster," he whimpers.
"Greedy," Kirishima chuckles, but he obliges, pushing his fingers a little faster in and out of the clenching hole, smiling when Katsuki shudders hard in his arms with a shaky mewl.

"F-fuck! Kirishima...Ei! M-more!"

"More? Oh, you're /extra/ greedy today."
As if they both didn't know that he's extra greedy always.

But he doesn't get the chance to say it because he's too busy choking on his moans when Kirishima gently pushes in his third finger, thick and warm right next to the others.

"Language," Kirishima grunts with a rough stab at his prostate.

Katsuki jerks, his breath catching in his throat as pleasure lights up his nerve endings. He can never figure out how Kirishima finds it so quickly, and the other refuses to tell him, either.
And on days when he's doing this himself, whining and twisting as he tries to find it while Kirishima watches him with a soft smirk and a hand on his own dick, it's a pain in the ass. And not the fun kind.

But on days like this? When he has to do none of the work?

A blessing.
"Fuck, you're always so tight," Kirishima growls at him, and he shakes when those thick fingers push deeper, stretching him out to the absolute limits as he scissors his fingers inside of him. "You're just the perfect little hole for me, aren't you, baby?"
Katsuki whimpers his agreement, grinding back against those thick fingers as they continue to assault his insides. He feels stuffed full and feverish, desperate to reach the edge that's so close, but also /so/ out of reach.

"A-ah! Eijirou," he groans weakly, his eyes fluttering.
Kirishima is the one that shudders this time, his fingers pushing deeper than before as he wraps his free arm around Katsuki's waist.

"Jesus, you're so perfect," he moans, leaning up to mouth at a flushed nipple.
"Y-you're goddamned right I am," Katsuki moans back with a strained laugh, reaching up with both hands to grab two handfuls of soft red hair.

Kirishima growls, and suddenly his teeth are rougher, digging into his skin with purpose.

He grins at nothing, tugging harder with an almost but not really exaggerated moan as arches against the other

If Kirishima was gonna play on his weak spots, then he was gonna play, too.

"E-Ei, your fingers are so big," He groans.

"Mhm. Big all over, remember?"
Katsuki just moans louder, shaking in those big arms as Kirishima abuses his insides, stretching and stroking them until he feels like he's gonna burst.

"Fuck, you're too perfect," Kirishima growls, and suddenly he's so /empty/.
Katsuki cries out, dragging blunt nails across sweaty skin as his head flies back, tears immediately spring into his eyes.

"No, no, /no/, put them back, put them ba-!"

The feeling of something soft and wet pressing against his hole shuts him up.
Kirishima hisses softly as Katsuki's insides clamp down on his still mostly soft dick. He still feels tender and sensitive, but he's also never wanted to be inside someone so /much/.

"I'm not fully there, baby," he pants, fumbling to press deeper inside of him.
"But you're gonna fix that for me, aren't you?"

Katsuki can't answer. His face is buried into the side of Kirishima's neck, and he's shaking so badly that the red head would be worried if he couldn't hear his soft, satisfied moans as he's filled by his boyfriend's dick.
Kirishima is right there with him. Even half hard, Katsuki is so /tight/ and /warm/. He can already feel himself getting a little harder, especially when he's finally seated all the way inside of him. But he isn't /all/ the way there just yet, so he can't thrust like he wants to.
He can only slowly rock Katsuki in his lap, letting him feel how hard he's getting inside of him.

And the blond can /definitely/ feel is, slowly stretching him out the more erect that he gets.

"F-fuck, Ei, that's so good," he babbles against his neck, trying to rock harder.
"Easy, baby," Kirishima hisses, tightening his grip. "T-that's sensitive. Go slow..."

Katsuki shivers, his fists clenching and unclenching where he has them wrapped around the red head's body. He feels like he's gonna lose his absolute /mind/ if they don't speed up.
"Eijirou," He whines quietly, pressing quick, soft kisses to the side of his neck with the occasional bite throws in.

Kirishima just groans through it, rocking them together, his hands tight on Katsuki's ass cheeks.

"Fucking perfect, so perfect for me," he whispers softly.
"My perfect, beautiful baby boy..."

Katsuki keens, shuddering violently as his cock twitches between them.

"E-Eijirou, I can't, I cant," he whines breathlessly, his eyes fluttering shut.

"You can't what?" He asks into a flushed ear, a smirk tugging at the corner of his lips.
He reaches down, wiggling between the tight press of their bodies to wrap a heated hand around the smaller male's twitching dick, making him shout.


"Can't hold back those beautiful noises you make for me?" He coos, circling the leaking head with his thumb.
"Can't stop yourself from fucking back on my dick?"

Katsuki moans, burying his burning red face in the other's neck.

"Can't stop begging me for more?" He whispers, clamping his hand down /tight/.

The blond wails, tears springing into his eyes with the force of his orgasm.
He doesn't /mean/ to do it.

But how can he help himself when Kirishima is touching him like that? Whispering those dirty words in his ear, making his body shake with need.

He's only human.

He cums.
Gasping wetly into the soft skin of his boyfriend's neck as his release splatters messily between them.

Kirishima just strokes him through it, pressing soft kisses to his shaking shoulder.

"That's my good boy."
They eventually stop rocking together, and Kirishima graciously pretends not to notice the loud sniff that Katsuki makes as he tries to pull himself together.

"Feel good?" He murmurs, a large hand rubbing up and down his back.
Katsuki shrugs.

"I've had better."

"Oh, /have/ you now?" Kirishima replies with a loud laugh, easing him backwards so that he can catch his lips in a gentle kiss.

"Shut the fuck up. Don't think I forgot that you made us miss the movie," Katsuki mumbles sullenly.
Doesn't stop him from returning the kiss though.

"I didn't jump /myself/ before showering, Katsuki," Kirishima chuckles against firm lips.

"Did too," he mutters back.

"You're so cute when you lie to yourself," he hums, gently laying them back against the pillows.
"You aren't gonna keep going?" Katsuki asks curiously, wiggling his hips.

Kirishima's dick is still inside of him, still half hard with arousal.

The redhead shrugs nonchalantly.

"Maybe later. Wouldn't wanna overwhelm you," he teases.
He huffs angrily, but he can admit to himself at least that he's glad. That orgasm took a lot out of him, and he feels incredibly drained.

"Don't worry. I won't hold your old man dick against you," he says around a yawn, his eyes fluttering sleepily.
Kirishima doesn't answer him, but he does reach out to flick the bedside lamp off, letting them settle in the light of the setting sun.

"Wake we up when you stop being impotent," Katsuki slurs right before he conks out.
Kirishima just sighs softly, a small smile on his lips.

How did he ever get so lucky...?

(FINISHED!! And it only took my entire life aksgskshsk. Happy birthday, Shila!! I know it's late 👉👈 but I hope that you still enjoyed reading it!

And thank you everyone else for all of the likes and qrts, as well as liking my story. Love you 💖)
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