Since we can't test everyone for the novel coronavirus to detect every single case of COVID-19, especially the asymptomatic ones, how about running the common medical tests (full blood count, liver function test, E/U/Cr, CRP, ESR, serum Ca, Ferritin, etc) in currently confirmed
COVID-19 cases who are asymptomatic to look out for any consistent patterns of variation in one or more of these tests and compare these patterns of variation in the same tests conducted for patients with other medical conditions. If these patterns of variation are unique only
to COVID-19, more identified (through PCR) asymptomatic COVID-19 cases can undergo these tests to consolidate the observed unique variations. If confirmed, these patterns of variation in the specific test or tests can be leveraged as a COVID-19 screening test for everyone.
Those who become positive through this screening test can go on for the confirmatory RT-PCR test for the novel coronavirus. The objective is to protect the vulnerable and those with existing medical conditions that worsen the prognosis of COVID-19. Antibody-based test kits are
emerging which is great. However, the already existing common medical tests have been in use for so many years and are available in almost any standard hospital medical diagnostic lab.

Identifying most asymptomatic COVID-19 cases will help protect the vulnerable who
are more likely to be hospitalized and even die if infected with COVID-19 who may be living with them.
Came across this about 2 weeks ago from an unpublished manuscript shared by someone on LinkedIn
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