A lot of people have asked me this question. What should you do if you have any symptoms of Corona this season, like fever or cough?

Follow this thread.
1. Do NOT panic. Corona is NOT a death sentence. Infact, it is a mild illness in most of the patients. You will be okay in no time! Okay?
2. Wear a mask. (Any mask will do.) Don't just cover your mouth, cover your nose as well with the mask.
3. When you cough or sneeze, do it in a handkerchief. If you have coughed in your bare hands, wash them for 20 seconds with soap and water before you touch anything.
4. Visit the nearest Corona center/ hospital near you. Call them in advance if possible. Keep the face mask on. Keep a distance of 6 feet from any person around you all the time.
5.Tell all your previous illnesses (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases etc.) to your doctor. Tell if you have been travelling recently. Do not hide anything. Trust your doctor. He/she will take better care of you if you do.
6. Prepare yourself for a battery of tests which may be painful. They may poke your throat with sticks for testing Corona. Some blood tests may be done as per requirement.
7. If you test comes out to be positive, DO NOT panic. Have faith in your doctors and follow their advice. Don't fall prey to whatsapp remedies, please! Also, be assured, your identity will never be disclosed.
8. As per the doctor's discretion, you could be sent back home (to quarantine yourself). Or you could be kept in a closed isolation room in the hospital for a few days. Most people recover well, with little/ no support.
9. If you have trouble breathing, or a poor oxygen level in the blood, your doctor may shift you to the ICU. ICU means intensive care unit. Do not fear the ICU monitors and ventilators. They're life-saving equipments for your well- being.
10. If you are asked to stay at home, keep drinking ample amount of water, eat fresh fruits. Buy a thermometer and learn how to use it. Keep a note of your temperature spikes in a diary. Keep a distance from your family. Preferably be in a different room. Sanitize the room well.
11. Go back to your doctor if your condition doesn't improve. No need to be afraid at ANY time. We doctors are here for you 24*7!
Hope this helps you all! Feel free to ask your queries.
I wish you health.
Jai Hind!
-Dr. Kamna Kakkar

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