Obviously I won't tweet plot points. I'm not an asshole...generally.

But I will be tweeting outfits and probably Jack's cheekbones.
I learned about this (eventually broken) promise when we read The Fall of the Ottomans for my history book club.
Ah, here it is. https://twitter.com/sdpowell1/status/857376236317818880
She was literally JUST in a gold sequined gown (in the daytime because of course). Who knows where this outfit came from.
Jack has a new hat AND a new coat.
I couldn't get a good shot of the wide leg trousers she's wearing as part of her flying outfit, so you'll just have to believe me that they're great.
Second dress with contrasting panels in the skirt.
You guys, just let me watch if you've already seen it. Plenty of time for opinions later.
Obviously there are all new ties.
Hi. Yes. Thank you.
Just some casual leaning in evening wear.
The thing I like about murder mysteries is that I'm awful at guessing who did it, so I'm always surprised at the end.
Warm Weather Jack is quite a disgusting sight.
Just gross.

Now off to AO3 to read the fanfic I've been avoiding since this came out.
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