#SuperCoronaSpreader_Takleefi_Jamaat_Nizamuddin If Markaz is an Exception not a Rule then why is it that their Super Instigator Chieftain Maulana Saad has gone absconding and into hiding? If Markaz doesn't represent all Muslims then why is it that all Muslims are defending them?+
If Muslims treat Nation&Constitution over Religion then why is it that they don't abide by any law,rule or order by the State&Administration,&always bring in their Religion to say Islam doesn't allow it&Corona will not affect them?They with impunity violated #LockDown21_India. +
They agitate when something happens in Palestine or in France (Charlie Hebdo) or in Burma(Rohingyas) but never against killing or prosecution of Hindus and Sikhs( including recent killings of Sikhs in Afghanistan Gurudwara) there or Yezdis or Baloch or rampant Terrorism in J&K +
Or against brutalities of ISIS, Boko Harem,Al Qaeda,HuM, JEI, JeT, PFI or any other Islamic Terrorist Groups all over the world?They agitate against #CAA #Article370 #TripleTalaq #RamMandirVerdict hanging of Afzal Guru,Yakub Memon, Maqbool Bhatt or SF's encounter of Burhan Wani.+
They never swear by the Constitution of India and claim themselves to be a Muslim first then an Indian.Some so called Secular and an Atheist @Javedakhtarjadu asks Darul Uloom to issue Fatwa,as if India is an Islamic Country, and not a Constitutional Democracy and Fatwa is above +
A legal order by a Constitutionality elected Govt of India and personal imploring by @narendramodi @PMOIndia and written proclamation by @HMOIndia and advisory of @MoHFW_INDIA to close down all Mosques when orders were already issued by GoI and respective State Govts to shut +
Down all Religious Places and remain confined to respective homes to fight the #ChineseWuhanVirus, unleashed to wage #ChineseBioterrorism, to save their own lives and that of his family, friends and society at large. They block main arterial road to Delhi to protest in the garb +
Of same very Constitution as their democratic rights inconveniencing lakhs of commuters and many such other public places all over the Country. They congregate and occupy and block many public places and public roads for offering their Friday Namaz, burial of deads, construction+
Of Mazars(mostly fake as #LandJihad to encroach on Public Land and places).When this Hindu majority country can close down all its Shrines-VaishnoDevi to Tirupati to Jagannath Temple to MahaKaal to KashiVishwanath to Ayodhya to Tirumala Temple to any other places all over India.+
Greatest Hindu festival of colours Holi was not celebrated with fun and gaiety. Revered and close to every Hindus' heart Ram Navmi Puja and Celebrations have been cancelled at Ayodhya. Not a single Shakti Peeth&Durga Mandir opened during Navratra observed by millions of Hindus.+
But this #TablighiJamaat must congregate despite #COVID19Pandemic inviting people from countries infested with the Pandemic, live&stay huddled like cattles and pigs throwing #SocialDistanacing and all other cautions to the winds. Muslims continued congregating at Masjids across +
The country to offer their Namaz, stupidly saying #CoronaDoesNotAffect_Muslims because they do something very onerous as Waju & because #Allah_Protects_Muslims_From_Corona. Several Tiktok videos were made to propagate and prophecize that Islam spreads brotherhood and love least +
Realising that #Muslims_Ended_Up_Spreading_Corona. So basically its #IslamicCoronaJihad because they have been fed and grown on #KoronaVirus and badly needs an Antidote to cull it.These #NizamuddinIdiots spat on Doctors and Police when being evacuated&escorted out for quarantine.
In Madhubani(Bihar) when Markaz attendees were being asked out by the Police for quarantine and screening they refused and these Islamists got together and attacked the Police, fired at them, pelted stones at them, chased with lathis and their Police vehicles pushed in the pond.+
When the whole world is fighting against this scourge,these Islamists&Corona Idiots&otherwise too are wandering in their own Koranic La-La land,fantasizing&hallucinating about the concocted,delusional, figmental,illusive&fanciful 72 Virgin Hoors with Big Booties&Huge breasts and+
serving them best of the booze in Jannat.इन जाहिलों का बस एक ही इलाज है लठ्ठ।और साथ में इनको समर्थन देने वाले दलालों का भी इलाज होना चाहिए।👇
Bc Ambedkar had said very clearly what Muslims are&why they behave d way they behave. या फिर वो जो म्यान्मार में Ashin Wirathu ने किया☝️
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