The Ruby Princess is Gladys Berejiklian’s ship of shame. More than 440 infected passengers, 5 deaths and 1000 crew now marooned offshore - and the seriously sick being smuggled in for medical treatment by the NSW Government under cover of night.
This is a health catastrophe inflicted by NSW on Australia. One in 10 cases stem from the Ruby Princess. So it’s unacceptable for the Premier to dodge questions with banalities and hide behind public servants at her 8am conference - and for the Health Minister to hide altogether.
Has every single one of the 2700 passengers been tracked, traced and tested? Have their contacts? The public is owed a detailed daily update by the Premier as to how many infections and deaths originate from the Ruby Princess.
What is her plan to fix this mess? When Australians were aboard the Diamond Princess, Japan accepted its humanitarian obligations. So too NSW responsibilities cannot be shirked or deferred until dark, just because the NSW Government wants to avoid a light shone on its failures.
While we offer bipartisan support to the Government over COVID-19, this does not extend to one of the greatest maritime failures in NSW history.
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